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uv400 lens sport Customers Reviews

  • Decent case, perfect

    posted by rcaor

    These are my favourite of the three sunglasses I bought. They are super reflective and the quality is very nice! Plenty of compliments and they look great (haha completely biased review here; I'm a TOP GUN fan). Definitely would buy these again, especially for that price!
    buy them, they are a nice pair of sunglasses and definitely worth the price.
  • Good value

    posted by sergiopurcell

    Cheap! Its always good to have a pairs of glasses which you dont have to care if the break or get stolen. They are very ligth and have good grit too, so they ar ideal for doing sports.
    The case is a nice addition too, make sure that the lenses are not in contact with the metal parts.The glasses are a bit small, so if you are a big guy maybe they wont fit.
    Basically you pay what you get, really cheap glasses that look nice but will break if not handled carefully
  • one of the bests

    posted by lysgb

    Okay, this is one of my favourites. It wasn't expensive but fits properly to my head. Its preadded specs. about its size are correct, sit correctly on my head while biking, running etc.Came in a black box, without its brand sign but i wouldn't need that mark anyway. Also packed a cleaning cloth as a usefull part of the pack.
    I've bought it as a test about the glasses quality and size and it is totally worth it. Next time I want to buy a polarized glasses if I will have enough money.
    arrived in expected time, I would recommend it for anyone.
  • Good product

    posted by proview23

    in general are good glasses.The lenses can be changed easily and quickly, also they aren't weak.The frame's plastic is flexible but not weak, wich makes change the lens more easy.The case is very good too.
    i took'em off the "inner plastic" because i didn't like it.they're "lu ke wang" glasses, not "farrova" as it seems in the video
    I'm not a professional cyclist, but I'm cycling from 3 to 4 times a week and the glasses work well so far
  • Favorite sunglasses

    posted by Savageveggie

    Great sunglasses. Comparable to Oakleys or other high end glasses. They do what sunglasses are supposed to do, shade your eyes, and they look good while doing it! Cheap so you don't have to worry about breaking them, if you do, just buy another pair.
    I had a nice expensive pair of oakley half-jackets that I was scared to wear some places(ie. water parks, the beach, and other places where they might get lost/stolen/broken) I sold the pair I had to my mother(Hers got stolen) and bought these the same day.
    Get a pair of sunglasses that cost the same as a pair from a truck stop, but function a lot better.Another thing: I work at a bicycle shop and was showing everyone these sunglasses, the C symbol on the frames is the exact same as the Cannondale logo. Would make a great prom item for Cannondale! haha

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