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uv light Customers Reviews

  • Good for Detection of Contamination

    posted by jnetlew

    Finally, a light that can detect urine.3 alkaline AAA batteries are sufficient power.Brighter than previous models purchased.
    Some battery holder are white color, some are black color. Light weight. Save a few pennies by purchasing bulk-rate. Noticeable rubber smell on handle and light switch.
    Good for 'show and tell' demonstration of clean bathroom.
  • Lovely, affordable, affidable UV torch

    posted by DvdIT

    You can discover an amazing hidden world in your house The power of science is in this device!Solid costructionBright Light (lots of Led; the more the better)
    I really love this thing. It's amazing. I take it in my pocket in any case. It is also much cooler than normal flashlight.
    A must-have masterpiece, really. It will uncover the CSI child agent inside you!
  • Beautiful and comfortable.

    posted by spcleha

    Beautiful and comfortable. A lot of handy and useful gadgets :) Collected by carefully. A good choice for a gift. Gas holds up well. Corkscrew can be used for separating bottles :)
    Not tested as ????? batteries in two flashlights :)
    Recommended for gifts.
  • Handy tool to see germs or party fun!

    posted by admrilbubba

    protable easy tool to have on hand if you have a job were you need to see germs. I supervised a Janitorial Crew and a portable black light was just the key to be sure the bathroom was clean.Some may remember the black light posters and paint hey paint somthing a freak your friends. Portable enough to take to partys or concerts to have fun!
    For fun or work ethier way this is handy light to have around. It too fits in a cell phone pouch so it easy to carry an have handy. Makes a fun gift for jokester in your realm.
    For the price get it and have fun,or Mom be sure the Teenager is cleaning the bathroom as you told him!
  • Sweet Optics!

    posted by musichawg

    When I ordered this microscope I thought it had to be toy quality.I was wrong.This microscope freaked me out the first time I turned on the lights and used it! The area I was able to see was very wide and SUPER CLEAR!The eyepiece you look through is large and gives unbelievable clarity.This microscope has a push-pull focus that slides smoothly with perfect resistance.
    Buy at least 2 or more. Your kids will learn so much with this microscope.
    If you are a cop, doctor, or in some other profession were a small microscope could be handy, you should have one.The microscope is metal and has a good feel to it.At this price you can afford to have one just because you want it to play with. (or your children)

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