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  • amazing multi purpose lighter

    posted by 08srtblaclout

    for a lighter alone its an amazing lighter. its nice and thick. it has a great weight to it and you can tell its not cheaply made at all. now throw in the bottle opener and its a perfect multi purpose lighter. add the led light an even better lighter and its nice and bright. now add the uv light I'm speechless for it. now you have a lighter which for me a need all the time I'm a smoker. add the bottle opener you always need to have one. the flashlight for when you need one and don't have one which is great to just have in your lighter. now the uv light to check to make sure you money isn't fake. idk how you can make a more perfect lighter. the size of it is the size of a normal metal lighter like this plus it has all these extra things with no added weight or size. the lighter lights really easy the bottle opener is easy to use and the lights each have there own buttons. its the perfect multi purpose lighter and it is great quality.
    you can throw it on your keychain which i love they added or just have it in your pocket. they didn't sacrifice anything size quality nothing by adding all these things and it would cost for just the lighter alone of this quality 15-40 bucks anywhere else without all the extras now add them and forget about it.
    this is a perfect lighter to always have with you. you will always have fire, always have light, always have a bottle opener, and always have a money detector. without sacrificing space or weight to it. its just perfect to always have with you.
  • White and UV are great, red light is less useful

    posted by Elenaratz

    Easy to use. White light may be used outside as a small flashlight when inserting the key into a keyhole in the darkness, for example. Red light may be used as a pointer while giving a lecture (ppt presentations etc.). UV may be used to see scorpions in the desert (I haven't tried, but I really want to, since I go to the desert at least once a month).
    I put some small pieces of electrical tape around the red light in order to focus it.
    I you don't need a precise point of light and don't mind having a blurred spot, you may still find it useful.
  • Awesome!!

    posted by ddsab

    It features 3 (laser, flashlight and UV) lights in a compact keychain.
    It's great for showing to friends!
    -It's really cool to show them the UV light!! Making glow white things and etc.
    -The laser is pretty powerful and useful.
    -The flashlight is useful in very dark conditions.
    Well packaged, with a plastic piece to protect accidental powering.
    The design is beautiful and the blue color too.
    This is one of my favourite products! I'll leave mine on my keychain for sure!
  • Fancy Flame

    posted by BlackAdder1

    Stylish LookingSolid ConstructionButtons have Tactile Feel & FunctionFlame changes color to Green and has decent throwLooks more expensive than it costs
    Would have been nice to have a small knife blade included in the gadgets. Everything else functions well and it feels very solid in your hands. White LED is fairly bright and works well...as does the UV. The fit and finish of this lighter is well done.
    If you need a multi-function fancy looking lighter...this is the one. I would buy more for friends.
  • Good small "multitool" flashlight

    posted by ThePazuzu

    - 3 modes- extremely small and lightweight- comes with a simple snap hook to attach it to keyrings, belt loop, backpack, etc.
    The battery cap may become an issue, because it's a little weak and may break off if force is applied on it.Be aware, that this light is not waterproof at all.
    If you are looking for a small and cheap UV light and laserpointer, this is your way to go. Not recommended for professional use though.


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