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uv light flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Good for Detection of Contamination

    posted by jnetlew

    Finally, a light that can detect urine.3 alkaline AAA batteries are sufficient power.Brighter than previous models purchased.
    Some battery holder are white color, some are black color. Light weight. Save a few pennies by purchasing bulk-rate. Noticeable rubber smell on handle and light switch.
    Good for 'show and tell' demonstration of clean bathroom.
  • Practical device

    posted by jure.senegacnik

    Low price, bright laser, three in one gadget
    great gadget, I am very satisfied with it. I use laser for presentations and uv light for money tester and to see secret markings on documents. There is also a carabiner to use this as a keychain, but I don't recommend this, because button for white light is easily turned on if transported in a pocket.
    I recommend this product.
  • compact 3 in 1 laser

    posted by naux82

    Separate buttons for the laser and flashlight/uv modes. With a bracket to protect either button that you would not want to accidentally trigger.Comes shipped with batteries included.
    The stickers on it can be removed without leaving any marks on the body.The body is a matt-metal type of finish which I find outstanding.
    Suitable for use as a key-chain and classy enough to simply hang around your neck during presentations.
  • Fun toy to play around

    posted by joravasal

    It does what it's told in the description. You can check a few interesting things with it, in money bills mostly, some clothes and some other things.It's quite light and small, easy to handle and a fun toy for kids to play with.
    A pity it doesn't come with some batteries, but it's not such a big deal, it's easy to find three AAA batteries.The box it came in is a joke. Luckily it comes wrapped in a small bubblewrap plastic.
    It's a fun object to play around, and useful to check the authenticity of money bills. I guess that for the price is a nice buy. But I wouldn't pay even a bit more, unless I got something more powerful.
  • UV LED Light

    posted by Eugene300

    The Price is amazing. The item is very sturdy, the body is very solid and the quality is very good.It's a UV LED light, perfect for using on checking the Authenticity of Money and can be used as a Blacklight.
    It's small enaugh to fit in your pocket or carry around with you.Works on any UV Materials (Specially Glowing and Reflector materials including UV Paints-Club body paints)
    Price is very good (Less than $5). This is an amazing price for the quality of the product. I'll buy another one if my one breaks.

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