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uv light flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Gets hot.

    posted by Nidanman

    It has UV leds in it. You can use this flashlight for example to spot counterfeit money or spots in your friends sheets.Nice aluminium frame and good finish.Uses AAA batteries, cheap and easy to find.Very compact design.
    It could be a bit more powerful but it is very compact. Fits in your pocket.
    Dirt cheap UV flashlight that works. If you remotely think of needing one, buy it.

    posted by serstore

    nice constructions and materials i'm impressioned. the colour is great Cheap compared to many others, this is the best line 5mW line laser I was able to find on this site (I ordered every red line laser on this site and tested them all). Line's bright and sharp. No distortion. Edges are clean.
    i love it so much i'm happy with my bought
    Good lights, great price, a very good purchase! I AM VERY happy with this leds in every way and the quality can not be beat at double or even triple the price. Bottom line is THIS IS AN EXCELLENT LIGHT
  • Practical device

    posted by jure.senegacnik

    Low price, bright laser, three in one gadget
    great gadget, I am very satisfied with it. I use laser for presentations and uv light for money tester and to see secret markings on documents. There is also a carabiner to use this as a keychain, but I don't recommend this, because button for white light is easily turned on if transported in a pocket.
    I recommend this product.
  • Nice, durable, bright

    posted by PPPzzz

    Light, furnished of durable plastic, nice orange colour. Enough bright for it's size and LED's power. Really give stated six, or even a little bit more hour of white-blue light. UV led works as it should. Durability tested by my 1.5 year-old kid, pass it well, almost flawless.
    Useful thing.
    European user must have an AC plug adaptor from flat to round plugs. This can be seen from fotos, therefore - it's ok.
    Closer to the end of battery charge, the beam becomes weaker. This is also ok - what should one expext from five dollar item - an IC-regulated circuit?
    I'm really satisfied for 5 bucks. Buy it with no hesitation.
  • very good metal..not to bright from far

    posted by georgetse

    good and heavy metal for his size ...good at detergents - Stones - Money - fish Baits charged fast and glows for long time..
    practical to have it in your pocket for fake money detection... leaks with propel oil detection!
    i would buy it again but first...if have to test another one with more leds so i can compare well....all the body of flash look very strong but if you want something for scorpions detection dont buy it ...battery goes down really fast...


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