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uv led Customers Reviews

  • 3 in 1 Laser/LED

    posted by Meirx

    It's very very very cheap if you think that you get one red laser, one white LED and one UV LED in one pack! Laser and LEDs are very good.It looks good.It fits in hand.
    If you are looking for cheap little laser then buy one.It's great fun if you have dog or cat or some animal.You can play with this all day long.My dog follows the laser as long as I can play with it.
    It's nice little toy.
  • Not so good

    posted by joelini

    -This are Blacklight-They work at 3.3 V 20ma-They make things that glow on the dark glow brighter
    The color of this looks to dim (i have bought some like this in other places in my country and they have a much better quality).DX should get better ones.
    If you want them to mod RC cars or little lamps ths is for you. If you want them to light a room or something that needs more light (uv or black) this isn´t for you.Also this is cheap (not as cheap as the white ones but cheap)
  • Cheap and very comfortableto use

    posted by GLUSHCHENKO

    Good convenient and very compact lens with high increase. Conveniently lays down in a hand, increases comfortably, without strong distortions. Good not too bright LED illumination and ultra-violet detector of currency. Conveniently joins, doesn't scratch a hand. Used widespread, available and not expensive element of a power source. It is inserted conveniently, replacement doesn't take away a lot of time.
    Very good product
  • Very Handy Flashlight

    posted by ctokita

    3 great items in one. Flashlight is decently bright. UV light is useful when using leak detection chemicals. Small and easy to have around. Case construction is very durable.
    Never know when you're going to need a laser pointer. I wish this were also available with a green laser.
    Very very useful. Just after I put batteries in one of them, we had a power outage. Compact and convenient, I had it next to my bed. This is actually the second time that I've ordered these. Not only is the flashlight useful, but we've also had need for the UV light looking for air conditioning leaks. Not to mention the novelty of glow paint.
  • Well made, interesting gadget

    posted by W4LNUT

    Very well made, solid connections, compact. Glass lense, smooth threads. Positive click switch. Very powerful for a UV light. Moderate hotspot with good spill. Really lights up UV reactive elements.
    I was interested in this because it's a single powerful emitter instead of an array of smaller emitters. Pretty much floods an entire room when it's on. Single O ring seal at the head, double O ring seal at the tailcap.
    Interesting gadget, very well made and fun to use for some things. Makes glow in the dark items charge up very fast and powerful. Good value for the money.

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