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uv laser led Customers Reviews

  • Great product for an amazing price

    posted by stevles

    This multi-tool torch is simply amazing. The build quality alone is absolutely rock solid. The fact that the light is very bright, the battery life is amazing and the usefulness of the UV and laser as an added bonus makes this product easily worth the very small price.
    I've smacked this into my brick wall every time I lock up my house and it doesn't even have a single mark on it.Let me put it this way: This thing is built like a mag light, perhaps even tougher.
    Putting it simply: If you want this product for the UV only, don't buy it.If you want this for the torch or the amazing distance laser then definitely buy it.
  • Very usefull for checking your inkjet printer

    posted by interron

    Ever tried to check your yellow print from your inkjet printer? Than you really need this! When you shine with the blue led on the yellow print it will come out as if you printed black!
    not really
    If you need to work on inkjet printer regularly you really need this to have a good judgment on the yellow print. for that price it's great!
  • compact 3 in 1 laser

    posted by naux82

    Separate buttons for the laser and flashlight/uv modes. With a bracket to protect either button that you would not want to accidentally trigger.Comes shipped with batteries included.
    The stickers on it can be removed without leaving any marks on the body.The body is a matt-metal type of finish which I find outstanding.
    Suitable for use as a key-chain and classy enough to simply hang around your neck during presentations.
  • Nice All Round Flahlight

    posted by WickedT

    Bought one of these several months ago and showed a friend who was very impressed and wanted one also. I have other flashlights but this is the one I use most often. Its not the brightest but does give a good light and has good battery life. I did compare the first to the second (they were bought about 6 months apart) and the white LEDs on the later ones were very white. (the old ones were a little blue), the UV LEDs had a wider spread and the lasers performed about the same. It’s a great little light which can be used indoors or out and gives enough light to find your way most anywhere. I use the UV for ‘charging’ luminous paint as it works even better than the white. The Laser is as good as any <5mw red laser I have had. I quite like the side clicky as you can use it with one hand.
    Good light with good battrey life. (approx 4 hours) Has a good solid feel and nice to use.
    If you like the look .. buy it ...

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