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uv flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Excellent Flashlight

    posted by cooliosanchez

    - Great price- feels solid, nice metal- powerful UV source- good strap
    This UV light is great! It makes UV-sensitive things fluoresce like crazy. I use it to charge glow-in-the-dark painted things at music festivals.
    Buy this light if you need a portable UV light source, or want a semi-disposable toy to bring to sweet rave parties.
  • Excellent for the price

    posted by JMC55

    This light is surprisingly bright considering it only requires a single AA. It also seems to put out the advertised wavelength of 395-410nm. This means that there is also a considerable amount of visible violet light in the output. However, shining the light on a fluorescent material reveals that a large proportion of the output is still in the UV range. The smooth reflector throws the beam reasonably well, and the beam does not have visible rings at anything other than extremely close range.I don't have one to compare with at the moment, but the light output seems considerably better than the cheap 9-LED UV lights also sold here. The build quality is far better than those lights at any rate, with this light having the added benefit of a proper drive circuit.The light also seems reliable so far. I have not noticed any flickering or connection issues.
    I have not tested this light with 14500 cells, but I did test with two AAs in series to get 3V. The light worked fine and it continues to work on a single AA.I also disassembled the light to get a better look at the guts. The circuit board the LED is mounted to says 'CREE', with the LED itself looking similar to an XP-E. However, I have no confidence that the LED is actually made by CREE. At any rate, it does a fine job.Due to the visible purple component of the output, blue-blocking glasses are a wise investment. They will both protect your eyes from the UV, and help reveal subtle fluorescence.Also to keep in mind is the fact that this light might be too bright for very up-close work. If that is your intended use, a lower-powered light with a single 5mm LED may be more appropriate.
    If you are trying to fluoresce things within the advertised wavelength of this flashlight, then it is an excellent buy. Cheap, reasonable quality, no crappy battery holders and plenty of output. If nothing else, it's a good bit of fun and far better than anything else in its price range.Highly recommended, it is among the best value UV lights on DX at the moment.
  • Excellent Product !!!

    posted by LHBI

    This flashlight is great for all cases, actually point out to everyone. The beam goes far and delivers what it promises. Who wants a flashlight this is the excellent product. There is a flashlight cheap, but worth the price.
    Who buy this flashlight, I refer also to buy a stack more powerful and even more powerful charger for the batteries.
    You can buy this flashlight is excellent
  • Nice bright light

    posted by d3solatesoldier

    The light is really really bright and is really useful in many situations where you need light. The battery is a li ion battery and lasts a pretty long time before recharging, at least thats what the instructions say. But so far its really bright and looking strong when it came in the mail and is still as bright right now after many times using it. THe UV light is pretty good too and brighter than the led laser pen things.
    I bought this not knowing if it was going to be good but i don't regret it as I see how cool this light is to have around. I just wished these flashlights came in other colors not as light like black(I.E light green) XD
    If you want a bright light that's cheap and you can recharge over and over again for many times to come then this is perfect. The UV light is an added bonus :)BTW it says that the battery is lithium and not NiMH so they should last longer per charge than the NiMH which a cheap rechargeable battery would have. But this doesn't :)
  • Positively surprised

    posted by kungen

    Great quality feeling. Comes in a neat box with all you need to get started. Flashlight, battery, charger and adapter for EU socket. Works great to detect UV markers on papermoney even i broad dylight.
    Since i didn't scroll down when i looked at the describing pictures i was very surprised when i got both a battery and a charger for two batteries. All wrapped up in a neat box.
    Feels solid and well buildt and puts out a lot of light. This would be very useful during Geocaching tours requiering UV light.


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