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This is our best uv filter 55mm, they all share a great design and great prices. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Of course, you can find them from black uv filter, uv filter mrc. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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uv filter 55mm Customers Reviews

  • Good thing!

    posted by Eefrit

    That thing just do its' job. Very good at filtering photos. I'm using that filter in about [over 9000] photos, and they look great!
    Pictures I made with this filter is just great. And that's all I wanted this thing for.
    You should buy it with no doubt. But, please, go to the shop and by optical cleaning kit before this filter arrives. This should do all the work.
  • Great product for my DIY product

    posted by Mattndmann

    In my case, very useful product, and good price for the use i've bought it!
    not distort the image in my shots, no appreciable loss of sharpness
    with the camera lens cap i've made a lens filter cap to use it with the lens reversal adapter. Avoiding the sand, dust or grass to enter in the expensive lens.
    With some handjob you can have a very useful lens cap for your reversed lens.
    Very useful to protect your lens aganist the wheather (sand, grass, dust etc...)
  • Useful to protect lens

    posted by sisqorap

    This filter is very useful to protect the lens. I use a DSLR camera and I thought I could use something to keep my lens clear from dust and dirty things. So this is a very good and cheap solution.
    It comes in a nice case and nicely packed, so nothing that is damaged and can be directly used. The filter is also very good designed so that it stays very good in its position on the cameralens.
    I was hoping that it would also come with a nice little case so I don't need to take the whole package with me every time. But most of the time the filter will be on my lens so that is not really a big deal.
    Overall this is a nice solution to keep everything clean. This can be easily cleaned apart from all the electronic parts of a camera or lens.
  • PRO1-D DMC Ultra-Thin Multi-Coated UV Camera Filter - Black (55mm) Review

    posted by CWCSCA

    This is the ultra thin model, I used it on my Ricoh GRX A16 24-85mm F3.5-5.5 Module along with the LC-3 auto-opening lens cap, with this filter on the lens the LC-3 works perfectly. This is an ideal UV filter, completely transparent, you just put it on and forget about it. Primary use is to protect the lens, secondary use to filter out unwanted UV lights.
    There are two groups of people, one does not use any filter at all, the other uses UV filter both for protect the front element from being scratched and filter out the unwanted UV-lights. I belong the later group.
    Really useful accessory for the lens.
  • Good value for the money

    posted by fiechterjm

    The "HANNES 55mm Protective UV Lens Digital MRC Filter" is exactly the same as similar items from Brand Names (most certainly comes from the same manufacturer). Does what it has to do at a great price. And also comes with a great service from DX & timely delivery.
    The "HANNES 55mm Protective UV Lens Digital MRC Filter" is a great product, sold here at a great price, and with a great service from DX. What can one ask for more ?

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