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uv camera lens filter

You'll find the best uv camera lens filter for you here. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Find your beloved cool gadgets right now.
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uv camera lens filter Customers Reviews

  • very nice surprice

    posted by EddieMW

    very good qualityvery strongwith time is very easy to usereally nice with shots with maybe too sun, or with some irregular shades on it
    I opened on my house waiting for a little plastic protector or something like that but was a really nice surprice to see that it was a really god built protector and lens filter, is a very usefull gadget for my camera (Nikon d3100), really help with shots whit a lot of sunlight or when you have way to much shades on the scene.
    is a very nice feature for a bvery god price.
  • Very good for the price and function

    posted by EltonB

    This are very very cheap filters. No affection to the image, and it fits my canon lens (expensive). It protects the lents in many cases. Good quality build. Fills like the original filters. It comes with a case, which can be heedful for transportin the filter.
    no other thoughts. But i needed this filter just to protect the lenses. When is mounted it adds some more flares to the image when pointed to the light. It can be useful some times, if not you can just take it out.
    It is worth to protect the lens, from scratching or damaging the original glass.
  • Impressive, for the price!

    posted by ImSwedish

    The first to be mentioned is its price. At about 1/10th of the normal price for a simple UV-filter, this costs about the same as a (cheap)hamburger.
    The ring is made from metal.
    There is no obvious degrading of the photo quality, even in strong lights.
    UV-filters are quite controversial, you either hate them, or love them. I don't have a lot of money, so I don't wanna risk my lenses getting scratched or any other nasty things. I do a lot of wildlife photography and there's a lot of times where something could happen to the lens, trip on something, a large branch scratching it, a stupid bumblebee flying right into it leaving a lovely smudge right on it.
    I'm using this with the Canon 55-250mm lens, and there is no obvious loss of quality. Some lenses are move sensitive than others though, keep that in mind!
    If you need a simple UV-filter for your lenses, I'd recommend this!
  • UV filter 40.5 mm

    posted by RenéBlom

    Bought filter as protection for my Nikon J1 cameralens. Filter fits to the 10-30 mm lens as expected, with the aim of protecting the lens.No noticable distortion, build quality seems fine.Using the filter on my camera for about 3 months now. The original lens cap can be placed on the filter unit without problems.
    Good alternative for more expensive filters available locally and delivered reasonably fast.Would be nice to also have available a 40.5 mm circular polariser filter.
  • No nonsense UV filter

    posted by yehdi

    Not much to say about the product. I'm glad it fitted without problems. I don't see any irregularities in the glass and I haven't made any pictures yet to see if there are any color problems. I expect it to work as any normal UV lens and as extra, protects the lens! Nice and sturdy box, the lens itself is plain with a few white marks, saying what it is. Great price, which is the # 1 I was looking for! :-)
    Of course there are numerous black cameras with black lenses out there. My Minolta Dimage 7i though, has a silver colored lens, It would have been more fitting, if there was an silver colored alternative. Apart from that, as soon as one connects the solar cap, you hardly see the UV filter anymore.
    Regular simple lens in a sturdy box.

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