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  • Decent

    posted by Aremeles

    -Warms up rather quickly;-Length of USB cable is good;-Removable USB cables are great, so my fiancee doesn't have to keep removing the gloves all the time;-Perfect for gaming, as it doesn't disrupts gameplay - wether you're using a GamePad or Keyboard/Mouse;
    Considering the fabric quality, this item should definitely be a bit cheaper.
    A decent hand warmer for gamers, internet users, writers, or anyone sitting next to a computer or with a laptop/notebook on the bed and sofa. Like I said in cons, the fabric is not of a good quality and therefore, you can tell that this product will not last long. Even though I believe it should be a tad cheaper, it is still a good deal.
  • For Every-Day Use

    posted by emredm

    After I bought 2 pieces & they are delivered, I have been using it almost all the time! Espacially when it comes to coffee mugs, in a small period of time, they get cold. But with this practical USB warmer plate, it lasts longer...
    If you need your coffee hot for a longer time, it just works. But after a while, coffee will get colder, so you won't have all the day to finish it...
    Keeps coffee warmer for a longer time than usual but not for a very long time...
  • Great Deal

    posted by michelprgu

    Really cheap and useful to have extra USB ports, warming cups of coffee and company really is very useful for those who spend many hours at the computer.Operation to correct things that do not require a lot of energy.
    really the price should be a bit better in my opinion, however I've been looking for quality products do not exist.
    I think I've written anything like that.
  • quite cool!

    posted by LtGhOsT

    it really works... gloves are quite good and the heater helps a lot to get them warm...
    the heater is a single slab located at the palm (or it could be at the rear) of your hand, keeping the heat only at one side of it... would be much better if the heat could be irradiated throught the whole hand... but it still is a good buy for those with cold hands...
    a good purchase
  • The perfect gift

    posted by roazz

    -For those who are many time working or taking spare time at his home computer will like this a lot.
    -It's really well built.
    -It gives you a pleaseant warm to your feet, that let you stay hours without getting cold.
    -It's really elastic so it doesn't matter if you feet are small or large, it will fit you really well.
    -You can take off the warm resistance and use it as normal home-shoes.
    Don't think more about it, if you are usually at your home pc with your feet feeling so cool, buy it and leave it at your pc table, you will use it a lot.

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