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usb warm gloves

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usb warm gloves Customers Reviews

  • It warms your hands

    posted by paobla

    when I'm in bed with my notebook i really felt my hands cold as ice. With this I haven´t have that problem anymore. The cable is long so you can move quite free.
    When your hands are resting on a table, you can feel the heat more that when your hands are in the air (like when I'm on the bed working) contrary of working over a desk.
    It helps to not keep your hands as ice, but it won´t warm the rest of you (or your fingertips) so much.
  • Very nice

    posted by jameshetfield62

    - The heating patchs inside come with a velcro, so you can move them around inside the glove. - The heat is nice, just don't expect it to be extremely hot. - The wool is decent. Is the same wool I get here in the cheapest gloves, with the advantage of having a heating device inside.
    Get them if you're feeling cold in the hands. The cable is long enough to move around. Just be sure to attach the ends well as I first thought one glove didn't work, but it was that it wasn't fitting well one connector end to the other.
  • Great product

    posted by justasklikna

    - Easy to use (just plug into usb);- Long cable (1,7m really enough for any PC case position);- Sensible large dual warm area (for palm and back);- Very good quality gloves (at first didn't believe that it )
    Very effective gadget, fast warming. Happy GF equals happy ME. :)Winter is coming. :D Add portable battery and survive the cold:http://www.dx.com/p/portable-6600mah-power-battery-pack-white-134331
    Really great product, is worth every penny, does the job done.
  • Good for a Gamer

    posted by zkylar

    -gloves heat up nearly instantly-are really warm where the heating pad is and spreads around the glove a little-snug fit, excellent for those typing or gaming-fingerless gives better grips on mouse and ease in typing
    Decent for the price. Bought them for my boyfriend, who is an avid gamer and he likes them a lot. He does say they are pretty snug, so it may take a bit till they fit comfortably.
  • Cutie

    posted by Elektro84

    Well, it looks cute, and works great, what else is there to say!? My wife loves it, and because she have problem with blood circulation in her hands, this little gloves help her a lot. Well, I am not saying that this is medical cure, but it helps, at least while she is typing on her laptop. Length of cable is enough for comfortable use. Price is fair.
    No other thoughts.
    It looks good and cute, quality is ok, price is fair and they work great. Who need something like this, just go for it.

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