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usb video display Customers Reviews

  • Works well. Quality Product

    posted by ChristianH

    Build quality is very goodFull retail packaging as pictured - even shrink wrapped.Includes DVI - VGA and DVI - HDMI adaptersWorking well. Running at 1280x1024 VGA for a third monitor with a Dell Precision laptop and docking station (plugged into docking station).Very little lag in desktop applications - haven't tried any form of video or games but didn't buy it for that.Video quality at 1280x1024 75Hz is fairly good - at 60Hz it wasn't great for some reason. I'd prefer to use DVI but the LCD I'm using at the moment is not capable of that.
    Haven't tried DVI or HDMI outputs but wouldn't expect any issue.Haven't tried any higher resolutions.
    Maybe a little expensive but is good quality compared to some of the DX stuff I've bought (admittedly much cheaper)
  • Possibly best way to expand your desktop environment

    posted by zlimy

    Cheaply and easily adds a monitor for tasks like web browsing/office tasks/general off-loading from your main monitor(s).
    Windows 8 will NOT automatically find the driver even if it's fully supported; get it from the DisplayLink home page or don't throw away the disc like I did after seeing it working on W7.Additionally I've had nVidia driver updates for my main GPU break the installation forcing me to re-install. So some issues on W8 but nothing major.
    Not for high response tasks as gaming as you will notice a slight delay but works well with everything else even high definition video. Generally I'd recommend it for offloading your main work space and I personally use it for my music player and similarly semi-static information.
  • Works beautifully

    posted by Wibin

    Functions as it should. Performance is great considering it's coming though USB. Aero glass works great and only when the cpu-consumption spikes you might notice a little slowdown.
    I got this based on the chipset (Display Link-165). Based on other sites this chipset is good and the way to go.
    I have not tried youtube-videos or anything like that. Believe it or not. I actually got it for work for a mate. The computer running it is rather fast (core 2 duo, 2ghz) and your mileage may vary on slower computers.

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