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usb video capture Customers Reviews

  • Converts your old records easily

    posted by Ijacek

    - very easy to use- device comes with CD with "EZ Grabber" so you don't have to install any additional program like pinnacle- you can choose S-Video cable or composite cable- perfect compatibility with Windows 7 64-bit, you just bave to plug one side to usb on pc and the other to device you want to connect
    - if you are smart enough, you can buy similar device without the CD with "EZ grabber" and you can save some money. Of coure you first need something like pinnacle installed first.
    Very good choice, if you want to easily get your recordings from VHS/CAM to PC
  • Good value video capture device

    posted by raichea

    This is a low-cost device that allows capture of analogue video/audio via USB. The accompanying disc includes drivers for several variants of Windows, including 32- and 64-bit Windows 7. Installation of the driver was straightforward, although two installations were required for the device to be properly recognised.
    As well as drivers, the disc also provides a copy of Arcsoft ShowBiz 3.5, which captures the video nicesly. If you're new to video editing, ShowBiz appears to be a nice entry-level editing package. I used ShowBiz to capture the video, then editing the resulting files in Pinnacle Studio.
    Good value, does the job!
  • Excellent for the price! Not with PAL60 CVBS though

    posted by Kadano

    Easy installation, instantly recognized by Windows 7 x64. Works very well with VirtualDub, PotPlayer and DScaler (I use the latter for recording gameplay footage of Super Smash Bros. Melee from a hacked PAL gamecube with official component cables). Video quality isn’t quite up there with higher-price adapters like Blackmagic Intensity, but considering the price, it’s great. Audio has a few artifacts, but it’s not a big issue.
    Sample video (details in video description): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gxhYEiiECc
    If you have component cables and don’t want to spend 120€/160$ or more for perfect quality, this is a great choice.
  • Works extremely well for the price!

    posted by adlaws

    Captures video really well, including some tapes I had from Japan recorded in NTSC format playing back on an "NTSC compatible" Australian PAL format VCR. Really nice and clear picture - any problems with quality are entirely to do with the age/condition of my original VHS tapes, not the capture dongle.
    I've been able to digitise my dusty VHS tape collection (in both NTSC and PAL formats) dating back to the early 90's, and rescue some great memories from slow degradation. This makes me very happy! :)
    Apart from the small amount of mucking about looking for drivers for Windows 7 and playing with capture settings, this worked as advertised. Very happy with it!
  • Good product

    posted by andre034350

    MANUAL and software in English. stable, bug free. Software is robust and lightweight, runs on many laptops.As images appear in good resolution. In addition to the 4 channels of video, has 4 audio channels. Small and lightweight, uses little space.
    the quality is good, the software and driver updated, lightweight, robust and works well on win 7 64bit. Free of bugs.
    My opinion is positive about the features of this product. The driver and software was updated and works fine on win 7 64bit unlike other older models. The price is a bit high, but worth it.

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