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  • Good, but BYO software

    posted by MrWinkie

    Produces a good Composite Video capture ... perfect for digitizing old VHS home videos
    I'd buy one again in a second - now that I've worked out how to use it.
    This is a great buy for digitizing your own video. But download the (free) MPlayer/Mencoder package for windows. Using the MPlayer-corei7-r36169+g2844ea8 package (which includes mencoder) you can grab with the command line (PAL-B):mencoder.exe -fps 25 -tv driver=dshow:device=0:input=1 tv:// -oac copy -ovc copy -o output_file.aviThen use VLC to convert this into whatever format you need, I use H264.VLC has problems with the DirectShow audio chaindriver (whatever that is) and is unable to capture the audio correctly from this device at the time of writing. but if you use mencoder as above it all works very nicely.
  • Good Product

    posted by jralmeidac

    Simple to install and use, the price is very cheap and good quality. It is not necessary to have much knowledgement to manipulate and use this product. Good image quality
    the delivery was not so slow and i received it in an acceptable time. it would be better if it has HDMI, but although this, the quality of the image is very good
    I really recomend this product!! because there are only small cons and good pro points to consider
  • Good

    posted by DiegoOK

    small size, long usb connector, lightweight, with a simple user interface, intuitive, easy installation, good user manual.
    I do not know if the cable is of very good quality is a bit fragile but nothing that can spoil use.
    Great price, nothing more to say
    small size, long usb connector, lightweight, with a simple user interface, intuitive, easy installation, good user manual.
  • Works extremely well for the price!

    posted by adlaws

    Captures video really well, including some tapes I had from Japan recorded in NTSC format playing back on an "NTSC compatible" Australian PAL format VCR. Really nice and clear picture - any problems with quality are entirely to do with the age/condition of my original VHS tapes, not the capture dongle.
    I've been able to digitise my dusty VHS tape collection (in both NTSC and PAL formats) dating back to the early 90's, and rescue some great memories from slow degradation. This makes me very happy! :)
    Apart from the small amount of mucking about looking for drivers for Windows 7 and playing with capture settings, this worked as advertised. Very happy with it!

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