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  • Good, small size product, flexible configuration of the VCC

    posted by mrajda

    Good product. Flexible configuration of the VCC via jumper. It is based on the classic Prolific PL2303 chip. The newer version of this chip is TA ensures compatibility with Windows 8 system. It saved me a lot of time because instead of making UART board myself I could use this ready made one letting me to focus on the main project. The LEDs indicating current status of the transmission lets you visually control it.
    I would like this product to be in available also in other options i.e. with the mini-USB connector (like in Raspberry-Pi, cell phones etc.) or without the USB soldered connector at all. (Of course you can always unsolder it from the board and solder the USB cable directly as I succesfully did).
    I recommend it to you because it is going to save you a lot of time in your projects.
  • Works like a charm, but the price could be lower

    posted by lgmoreira

    - It is well built, but it is a little loose on some USB connectors.
    - The small size makes it perfect to carry.
    - If you travel a lot, it saves you from carrying a USB x USB cable + a USB x miniUSB cable. Just take the first one and this adapter.
    - Allows you to connect mini-USB devices (like cellphones) directly to the USB connector of the computer (without need of cables).
    - Did I mention it is really small?
    It is a good item to have in your pocket/drawer/toolbox if you have a handful of USB device that use miniUSB connectors.
    I do not regret from buying this item, but DX could make it less pricey.
  • Working Goog

    posted by mackgyver

    For this price is very good goods:)Suitable for creating custom tools with use USB It is useful for handymen and people which want tray use USB for own homemade thing.It can use as standard connector for plug everything what you want when you buy counterpart
    It is useful for handymenI can highly recommend, when you have fantasy and idea about USB thing
    Have a lot of fun with this product.But only time show more about quality of this product
  • Great for my keyboard.

    posted by skartreuse

    You just plug it in and wait for drivers to be installed. (I used this for my Casio Keyboard inorder to be able to play Synthesia and learn faster)Seems like quality material. It doesn't seem like it'd break as easily as an Apple cable.Perfect length, not too long or short. Enough to give a little extra length if needed.Price was great.
    When I put them in they were pretty hard to get in. It was a tight fit. I like when USBs are tight compared to loose though.
    Great for electric pianos and would probably be good for printers.
  • very rigid construction, standard footprint

    posted by pmeslin

    Ridiculously low price for those plugs and a tight fit. USB connectors are held very firmly in place and there is no give or play. The footprint is also bog-standard for vertical twinned USB connectors so there's no worries about having to tweak PCB designs to accomodate any quirks.
    A perfect match for small batches of custom USB adapters, chargers or other DIY projects.

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