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  • Great DVD Player Joyous J-2615MX 6.2"

    posted by luisata

    Joyous J-2615MX 6.2" Seems really nice, came well packaged on a big cardboard box and good foam protective inserts.The display seems good quality with a glossy not reflective finish. the resistive screen works very good. The display has adjustable brightness, clor and contrast.
    Came with GPS antenna, an USB WiFi adapter, so the unit could conect to WiFi networks, a DVD remote controller, my previously installed (non included) reverse camera works great, the big screen is good for reversing. Seems easy to install, altought in my car was difficult because of a factory amplifyer (toyota camry 2005), but in "normal" cars must be really easy.
    plays any DVD really good, it is not android, it´s windows CE (I think) so you can not download applications or move the icons to re-arrange them as desired, but it´s good anyway.Hope it last many years.
  • bought it for my carpc project

    posted by volski

    works great with the carpc software, wonderfull commnection with the pc.
    it was pretty easy to install the software.
    it will be nice if it will be packged in some box then will protect it on the way.
    great product if you now how to work with your pc, otherwise it will be a hard work to install it
  • Asus EEE-900 to the MAX!

    posted by UseoNL

    This kit turns your Asus EEE-900 screen into a touch-screen. Once installed the touchscreen can be used using a stylus or using a finger/nail. I got it installed for over a week now and absolutely love it! This is a not-to-be-missed essential upgrade for the EEE lovers/tweakers.
    Pros of this kit:
    - Can be installed in the EEE-housing, once installed you won't see any difference (no bulging of the screen);
    - The adapter has a build in usb-hub so you won't lose webcam-functionality.
    I've set it up on a EEE-900/20 Gigabyte using Windows XP using the drivers that came on the CD. The drivers work flawless and you will have program to calibrate the screen.
    It really took me some time to figure where to place the adapter (there is one small board, not two as in the pictures here). I managed to put it in the left bottom corner, next to the touchpad. Once installed there it took some puzzling to work away the cables in a way the housing would fit again. I've uploaded a picture of my opened EEE after installing the adapter but somehow it never showed up here. If needed I can try to upload it again.
    I've been using this for over a week now and I love it! It's quite some work to install it (or at least I think so) but once installed it really adds to the functionality of your precious netbook!
  • Better thn expected

    posted by gw462

    Better than expected, it was 100% plug and play with Windows XP pro. The product i received was different than shown, it was 1 pcb board instead of the 2 shown which was acceptable to me. It fits nicely inside the screen, with the pcb underneath the left speaker. The USB hub gives you 2 extra internal USB ports, so I installed an internal bluetooth dongle and flash drive.
    This product has worked out better than expected, I figured I would be searching for drivers on forums for hours to get the screen to work but this was not the case. The extra internal USB drives were an added bonus. I found that a few dabbles of hot glue worked well to hold the screen in place, just don't get any on the front of the screen (or put glue where a tab snaps in). I also popped off a few plastic tabs (that didn't hold the case together) to make for a better fit.
    Great product good price would recommend.
  • Pretty good

    posted by thePion

    - Works out of the box, just plug and play.
    - Comes with a driver for Windows.
    I've installed it in my Acer Aspire One and made a video of it here:
    If you're not afraid of putting a couple of hours of work into mounting this thing, then go ahead and buy!


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