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Finding your favorite usb to ttl converter is easy in our product catagories. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. View more by looking at usb to serial converter, sata to usb cable. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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usb to ttl converter Customers Reviews

  • Nice tiny USB to TTL converter to hookup microcontroller

    posted by hrpanchal

    I bought at good price. It is cheaper in price and easy to connect. It has capability to convert USB to TTL which can be use to hookup any device to USB and communicate it.
    Will buy more for my project. I will be using for my students, so it is easy to configure and all support available.
    Bottom line, it is worth at this price which fulfill your needs.
  • Works out of the box

    posted by julienvdg

    Works out of the box on linux (not tesed on windows, sorry)The colored cables makes it easy to follow the connexions from the labels on the pcb to the other ends.Two available power supply 5V and 3.3V for maximum compatibility !
    The header are folded so you can plug it on your barebord direclty and use an USB cable.They could have included a short USB Cable... but it woudn't be that cheap then...
    Nice to have, don't miss it !
  • Works well with Raspberry Pi

    posted by LittleBitMore

    Compact - all there.Works well with Raspberry Pi.Great that the wires are color coded and what they are is spelt out.Good length of cable. Push on sockets are a tight fit on the Raspberry Pi.
    Won't work with Windows 8 or above as the PL2303 "HX" chip variant of drivers are not supported by Microsoft. See PL2303 vendor site for more information. You will see a yellow problem icon in device manager if you try it on Windows 8. If you need a serial converter for Windows 8, try another device as this is not the one for you. Works well with Windows 7, Vista and XP, desktop and laptop.You won't need the red cable to be connected for serial unless you are powering the serial device from the USB port (not recommended for the Raspberry Pi 'B' series as it is borderline for USB 2 current draw from the USB port. This is usually limited to supply 500mA maximum while the Pi is rated at 700mA draw).If you're not sure what wire does what, use a sticky label to write what they are and wrap it on each wire as a flag folded over the wire in the middle of the label.
    Perfect for the Pi!
  • Work well, nice activity LEDs

    posted by abardsley

    Works wellConnector is sufficiently well soldered to the board
    There are no RTS/CTS signals presented and they don't seem to be connected together so you need to use 'raw' settings to use the port (e.g. stty <speed> raw < /dev/ttyUSB<num>). This isn't really unexpected.
    Look through all the DX TTL-serial to USB adapters before choosing. I chose this one as I'm using a 5 way cable (also from DX!) and liked the R/A connector. There's lots of other choice though.
  • Just works

    posted by dzhon

    One of the best UART converters presented in sales and markets. Works in Windows/Linux. Furthermore, linux has build-in kernel module for CP210x devices. I typically use it with 3.3V VCC to connect work with different MCUs.
    I bought two items for DIY projects debugging. One of them works 24/7 as USB->UART bridge between cubieboard single-plate computer and my own plate with MCU. I have not any issues or troubles.
    Nice device, best price and good quality. No more to say.

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