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    posted by Feadim

    Is has a good length (1m as they say), good qualit and seems strong. Works with Ipod Shuffle 2G only (maybe with 4G).
    I buyed one, know doesn't work, realy a shame, but is cheap and looks fine. DOESN'T WORK WITH IPOD SHUFFLE 3G!!
    Cheap and looks fine, but only works with 2G (maybe with 4G)!!!!
  • works, but not for iPod

    posted by neckro

    - looks decent for a cheapo- led power light- 500mA- fuse in the unscrewable tip
    So here's the deal. I bought this to charge my iPhone (3G) in my car. Easy enough, I figured - get this and a data cord (sold here for like $2) and I'll be golden for something like 1/3 the price of a regular iPhone charger, plus I'll have the ability to charge other USB devices.Well, it didn't work. I thought it was DOA (couldn't see the light go on, although it turns out it's hard to see), until a post on the forums tipped me off -- the iPhone (the recent ones at least) don't like to charge over a power-only USB connection.So, here's what to do, for you handy cheap iPhoners out there (this probably applies to all other cheapo USB chargers):-- take the thing apart (I managed this by unscrewing the tip, taking out the fuse etc., and removing the metal ring holding it together, then prying the halves apart until it popped)-- this is the magic: solder the USB data pins together. It's the middle two pins that aren't connected to anything. This notifies/fakes out the iPhone that it's connected to a proper USB port.-- put the thing back together-- merrily charge your iPhone!
    Didn't charge my Creative Zen even after the fix, but that thing's kind of screwy too, so who knows. Good buy if you know what you're doing and aren't above a bit of fixin'.
  • Great item to have.

    posted by Derek090

    Even though I don't need this item right now. I bought it just to have as back up. Good if you have a lot of USB devices but not enough USB inputs on your comp.
    Very cheap!
    Very handy if you have and old pc and new usb mouse/keyboards.
    If you're mouse or keyboard is usb, this can save you a USB slot. Very handy if you have many USB devices!
    Great little adapter, if you need one I highly suggest it.
  • Cheap and usefull

    posted by lbhay

    Plug 5 pin usb to a usb extension cable easy and quickly.
    Strong, cheap and usefull.
    I have purchase this for the price and obtain another usb connector, but I don't have this connection. So I have not use it but is cheap and give me a plug that probably soon I shall use.
    From all the usb connector I have purchase is the only one that I have not used.
    Unfortunately DX has not all the usb adapters, at least this they have.
    Good for connect to extension cable. Little and easy to use.
  • Might be a good buy

    posted by RangerOfFire

    Feels sturdyPocket-able
    At only £0.60 each they represent very good value so you might as well buy one.
    Even though it didn't work I can still recommend it, I ordered another one so I hope that one will work.


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