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usb to plug Customers Reviews


    posted by Feadim

    Is has a good length (1m as they say), good qualit and seems strong. Works with Ipod Shuffle 2G only (maybe with 4G).
    I buyed one, know doesn't work, realy a shame, but is cheap and looks fine. DOESN'T WORK WITH IPOD SHUFFLE 3G!!
    Cheap and looks fine, but only works with 2G (maybe with 4G)!!!!
  • Solution to an obscure connector

    posted by keewee

    My brother asked me to look for an USB connector to his MP4 Player which uses this obscure connector. It's cheap and it does the job of charging and connecting the player as an external drive. There are also no cable clutter to deal with.
    Your USB port will have to be easily accessible for this connector to work. Might want to get an extension cord if your USB ports are inaccessible.
    A cheap solution to an obscure problem. It's small and compact, good for carrying around.
  • Excelent!

    posted by mercedesmodenes

    It is very usefull when you need one of this... Simple to use. Is green, so you are not going to lose it..
    The plastic is very good, and de conections too. Well done.
    I think is the most usefull thing i ever bougth. If you want to keep using the same keyboard or mouse that you like since a long time, i recomend you to buy it
  • pretty awesome device to have!

    posted by sil180sr

    The first thing i thought to myself, wow this is smaller than it looked online. It does what I expect it to and thats all there is to it.
    Pretty awesome! I was contemplating on purchasing a blackberry car charger and i thought id take a look on DX to see if they had any. Then i stumbled on this device and thought to myself that this would be cool to have and would also double to charge any USB device that I may have.
    This is a great device to throw into your glove box!
  • At last a charging & data cable that works with the iPod Shuffle 4th ge

    posted by nPete

    If you have an iPod Shuffle 4th gen (note to DX, as of July 2013, there is no such thing as a Shuffle 5th or 6th gen - the latest is 4th gen), then *this* is the cable you want.I must have purchased 2 or 3 different iPod Shuffle compatible cables, but none of them worked.This is the only one that did.
    After only 3-4 month of use, the original charging and data cable I got with my Shuffle started to show dramatic signs of wear a tear. It looks like Apple's original last gen cables don't seem to be of that great a quality => you might as well get a spare.
    If you have a 4th gen iPod Shuffle, and need a replacement cable, get this one. It just works!

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