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usb to hdmi cable

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Welcome to our usb to hdmi cable online shop. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. samsung usb to hdmi cable or usb to hdmi galaxy contains many hot and popular products. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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usb to hdmi cable Customers Reviews

  • Great pack

    posted by KukasA

    - HDMI cable came with connector caps.
    - HDMI cable has gold-plated connectors.
    - HDMI connectors fit perfectly.
    - USB cable has Micro-B connector, which allows for more devices to be compatible.
    - USB cable has more then 80 cm, it has almost 100.
    The HDMI cable is currently useless, to me, as I don't have a TV or a monitor with a HDMI connector xD
    This is a great pack to buy if you have a smartphone with an HDMI connector, as you get the cable for it, plus an additional data/charging cable you can carry around with you anywhere.
  • Nice cable for Your TV and phone

    posted by mantasz

    It is a exactly nice product for the price. This is great for people on a tight budget. It’s a superior product and I definitely recommend it.It is long, nice looking and easy to use.
    Need to know that is needs to power. Without power up by usb it does not works. Thats all ;)Genuine phone USB cable with charge comes very short. So with this green cable You can extend it for charging and data. Very handy :)
    Recommend for every one who use phone for games, TV, video.
  • Also works with other devices

    posted by chestwood96

    It works with all android devices I tested (Well a Galaxy s2 and an s4) and both worked fine.It can be powered from the usb port on my tv.The Length is sufficient for most applications I guess, its allmost too long.
    Samsung is charging about 60$ for pretty much the same thing in swizerland just because its "Genuine"
    Its a working MHL cable, not a lot more to say about that. It can be usefull if you want to quicky show of photos or stuff. You could even use your phone as a media-center wit XBMC.
  • Works perfectly

    posted by cwente

    High quality video image for the TV. No upscale but real HD. You can show pictures or even watch movies on the TV using your phone. With the USB plug you can connect your phone to the charger so it doesn't run out of battery.Works out of the box.
    If you get a considerably long HDMI cable you can control your TV from the couch with your phone.
    Good quality product. Very intuitive to use. Well designed. Low power consumption and no overheating.
  • Might not be what you need

    posted by grvolkmann

    It's plug and play (but that can be tricky - see my other thoughts) and does the job.
    You have to plug in your charger, it won't work without it. It's not that elegant with all that wiring. Also, it might drop your wifi connectivity - if so, you should change your router wifi channel, that'll do!I would think it is Google Play issue, not the adaptor's, but subtitles won't show on your TV, only on your phone screen. I can't watch dubbed movies, it's dull.
    Keep in mind that not all apps will deliver the same content to your TV as to your phone screen. I couldn't get skype to work for instance...

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