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usb to hdmi 1080p Customers Reviews

  • Great Product

    posted by scontaldi

    It work pretty well and all the cable you need are already on the device. That is a plus as i don't like to carry to many cables.It very easy to use as it's a plug and play device and no driver is needed.
    I tested it with my netbook (eee1005) and tablet pc (HP tx2500) none of them have hdmi.In both cases i needed an extender for the audio.
    It is a little pricey but if you still own a vga only laptop or pc it is well worth it.
  • Perfect for watching everything on TV

    posted by rndhsbvxmosjx

    Perfect for watching all mobile applications on TV, it looks great.Very well priced,very good qualityPerfect measure
    Very good measure three meters but would be good to make the cable more meters to 5 meters for example
    Very happy with the cable you have audio equipment, video games console and see all the applications you have on your phone that are many works perfect just connect to TV and mobile phone charger to the mains, works first!!
  • Very good VGA->HDMI cable.

    posted by zxMarce

    Excellent adapter. Worked flawlessly under Ubuntu 12.04 Linux. Used it with SKU.227226 (HDMI Male to Male HD Cable - Black (5m)), no interference, crisp video. Ubuntu 12.04 recognized instantly the second screen, and it appeared correctly in the monitor(s) setup.Does not seem to be badly constructed.
    Very good buy for my year-2009 laptop. Saw a movie in full-HD without hiccups.
    Very good buy. If I need another, I'd buy it no doubt!
  • Great price, very practical

    posted by vodkaah

    This is a great cable; there are lots of MHL connectors, but this one is great as it can plug in directly to the back of the TV input, and comes with the power cable (most TVs now have a USB connector too). Cable is long enough so that you don't need to have the phone behind the TV.
    I would like it of the cable that attaches in order to give power was just built in, instead of separate; but I guess this way it's good if you don't have a USB port nearby and you can use a longer cable. Have not tested anything at 1080p, but I don't need hi res video like that on my phone. 720p or even lower is fine.
    Very practical.
  • Doesn't work well

    posted by AMandello

    No need of a HDMI cable. Works with my Galaxy S2 i9100.You must connect your charger to get ir work, but this is because Galaxy S 2 doesn't send enough energy.
    I've tested in my i9100 with custom ROM Omega ROM (4.2.1) and in my brother's phone running stock Samsung ROM (4.0.4). Both had the same problem.
    Since others said this cable is good, the problem must be with my unit or my smartphones.

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