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Welcome to our usb to cable online shop. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. Find more hot gadgets at usb to video cable and usb to mini cable. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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usb to cable Customers Reviews

  • Works well with Raspberry Pi

    posted by LittleBitMore

    Compact - all there.Works well with Raspberry Pi.Great that the wires are color coded and what they are is spelt out.Good length of cable. Push on sockets are a tight fit on the Raspberry Pi.
    Won't work with Windows 8 or above as the PL2303 "HX" chip variant of drivers are not supported by Microsoft. See PL2303 vendor site for more information. You will see a yellow problem icon in device manager if you try it on Windows 8. If you need a serial converter for Windows 8, try another device as this is not the one for you. Works well with Windows 7, Vista and XP, desktop and laptop.You won't need the red cable to be connected for serial unless you are powering the serial device from the USB port (not recommended for the Raspberry Pi 'B' series as it is borderline for USB 2 current draw from the USB port. This is usually limited to supply 500mA maximum while the Pi is rated at 700mA draw).If you're not sure what wire does what, use a sticky label to write what they are and wrap it on each wire as a flag folded over the wire in the middle of the label.
    Perfect for the Pi!
  • Good product, but comes with a few caveats

    posted by NicknameInUse

    The price is competitive and the unit comes with an extension cord and driver cd.Build quality is "unpolished" (some sharp edges, not so neat finishing, etc) but very sturdy.After a bit of tinkering it -mostly- does what it should do.
    This device uses a discontinued version of the PL-2303 chip, the HX(A). It won't have any immediate impact on most people, but Prolific (the designers of the original chip) have this to say: "Windows 8 is NOT supported in PL-2303HXA and PL-2303X EOL (End-of-Life) chip versions."
    It's a good product, but as with so many devices with a bit of built-in 'intelligence', it might take a few tries to get it working.No guaranteed success: it all depends on a bit of luck, the OS, the software and hardware you use it with -- and on your patience.
  • Excelent product

    posted by Dmonte

    - The price is excellent and very good quality material- Support lg optimus one and other with the same input data- is like the original Data cable - is very
    nothing to say very good product, very good price, excellent quality, one of the best I've bought
    I like buy in Dealextreme, always when find anything i like, I buy it and I'm sure that comes to my house, is an excellent service. is the best page!
  • Good for Asus TF101

    posted by Briota

    I bought this for extending the charging cable for my Asus Transformer.It works great and no additional changes were required.- a long cable (almost 5 times the length of the standard cable)
    I did not check other prices for this kind of cables, but I hope that as usual DX has a good offer.
    If you own a Asus transformer TF101 this is a great extension cable. Now I can watch movies when the tablet is out of juice and also let it charge when I get sleepy
  • Quite good

    posted by LogicDaemon

    low resistance (my external HDD works) and BER (about 35-40 MB/s transfer rate), good looks (subjectively)
    This is first 1.5M cable with which my HDD works fast (40MB/s achieved) and stably (without regularly parking heads because of power deficiency).
    very good one.My external HDD is very cranky about cable it's connected to USB. It works with few non-Y cables without additional power supply and slows down to 5-10MB/s with most except shortest ones. It don't even likes connectors of front panels of most ATX cases because of bad wires from panel to MB. But it works flawlessly with this cable.

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