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The perfect usb speakers here to meet all your needs. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. usb speaker resonance and usb speaker can are the hottest keywords that customer use. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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usb speakers Customers Reviews

  • Nice speaker for the price

    posted by Aleosha

    Very compact. About 5.5cm square when open, a littler shorter when closed.Easy to use. Comes with miniUSB cable, in case you don't have one to recharge it.
    I wanted to connect it to my HTC HD2 to listen to musing in the office, but it's actually not much louder than the speaker in HD2.
    This little speaker gets the job done
  • Perfect!!!!

    posted by sogecable

    Great quality product! I really like for portable uses. Sounds great. i was thinking about buying another one more expensive, but this one was perfect what i wanted for. Battery has a longer life what i though.
    Some more colors, i like black better, but it's on white and some more color.
    i recomend buy thi product if you are interested in something really portable.
  • The best speaker ever!

    posted by ieifood

    *Sound works*SD card music works*Radio works*USB flash music works*Battery is great, lasts long and easily replaceable! (Nokia battery you can buy cheaply on dx)*The led lights are nice.
    This would be a perfect gift to buy to someone. This would be a perfect gift to buy to someone.
    This would be a perfect gift to buy to someone.
  • Nice thing

    posted by djh45

    ·Produce nice sound. I didn't expect this from such small speakers, but it is so.
    ·Both USB and SD card slots are working fine
    ·Has equalizer with some useful presets. But no manual one
    ·Has some shuffle/repeat modes.
    ·Good battery lifetime
    ·Good device to listen to music on-the-go, I guess. Small enough for you to take it anywhere. Battery life in MP3 mode is about 3-4 hours (maybe it will get better - I only charged it for 2 times)
    ·Usefull gadget. Get it, you won't regret
  • very very very nice

    posted by sengvue

    very nice mp3 player. comes with a box and makes a great gift.the quality of the glass is very good. it plays mp3 very LOUD. nice quality sound comming out of the speaker. speaker itself is very well built. the rose inside is very nice and good quality.
    very nice music player. RECOMMENDED FOR EVERY ONE.
    well i purposely bought this for myself but somehow i got involve in a secret santa so i'll have to give this one up and make it my secret santa gift. and it comes with a box also so it'll make a great gift. getting 2 more for myself.

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