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  • Pretty good for the incredibly low price

    posted by eforman

    Pretty decent sound when expanded (the space created by the "accordion" significantly improves bass. Can play MP3 files on uSD card from Mac or PC. Comes with charging cable and iPod interface cable. Very small.
    1/8" port is NOT audio input, it is output for headphones. Use mini-USB port with included cable for audio input. Volume control does not work with audio input, only with uSD card (which is actually fine since you can use iPod volume control). LED is green while charging but never goes off so you're not sure when it's done (probably 4-8 hours?). LED blinks red when playing from uSD card, but does not show anything when playing from audio input (i.e. if left on, battery will discharge slowly).
    Cheaply made but great deal for the price.
  • Very versatile but pity about the styling

    posted by sheepish

    - Easy to operate, instructions are not required (perhaps apart from that you can use the aux cord as an aerial).- Lots of features: LED torch, FM radio (auto tuning with memory; it found 25 stations and remembered them all), auxiliary input (line and mic both work), MP3 playback from USB flash drive (8GB tested) or TF/microSD card (2GB tested), and a headphone socket.- Pretty good sound quality on headphones and through the speakers considering the size of them. The speakers don't sound tinny; the bass is pretty reasonable. The centre speaker appears to be a passive radiator, so that presumably helps.- Impressive volume from such a small thing. Using my laptop as an auxiliary source, it's louder than the laptop, so this gadget can function as an external computer speaker.- Backlit red display is easy to read unless it has direct sunlight on it, and then only needs the shadow from a hand to be readable.- Red LED shows it's charging. (I don't know how long it'll take.)- Came with a black disc floating around the battery compartment which is a stand that fits in a slot in the back next to the battery compartment. A coin also does the job, even if it's too thin to stay in the slot by itself.- If playing an MP3 file and you change to another input, when you get back to the MP3 file it remembers where in the song you were.
    - USB power cord and 3.5mm stereo auxiliary cord both included.- Needed the aux cable as an aerial for tuning (auto tuned with a push of the play button). The reception wasn't as good without it, and sometimes dropped out completely depending on how I held the gadget, but it did still work most of the time.- There are a couple of holes in the side near the torch end that I presume are for a wrist strap. There was no strap included.- The disc stand has "MUSIC WITH ME" written on it.
    Depending on the particular features wanted there are less expensive MP3 players that are smaller and look nicer, but this one is probably one of the most versatile available. Overall it's quite impressive. Pity about the styling and colour though. And that battery charging is a real worry.
  • Excellent product

    posted by Mektek

    Great sound( powerful for the size) , sturdy built, there is a strong wire mesh that cover and protects the speaker. Very versatile with USB port and micro SD slot. Sleek design.
    Price could be a few dollars less but still a great value for the money.
    Definitely worth investing in if you have need for such a device. Now my wife wants to get one as well
  • Very good Portable Mp3 Player

    posted by luqux

    Very good built quality, its made of aluminum and speakers sound very loud, at 80% they dont make any distortion. at 100% u can hear the distortion, but its not important.it has USb and microsd ports, and both work well.Has inner batery and slot for and aditional.Inner batery last enaugh for a 1 hour travel, didnt have time to test it longer.
    u have to store your mp3 in the order u want to be reproduced.
    Its a very good way to Carrie your music and annoy other people,
  • Amazing for it's price

    posted by Myccaynen

    For it's price, it is an amazing gadget. The sound quality is fantastic, even with the headphones that came with it. The loudspeaker isn't that good, but it doesn't matter because it's an mp3 player. The startup language was simplified chinese but after a few minutes of fiddling I got it to english. The charger/data cable is long and works as it should. Controls are very simple and quick to use. Uses a very common TF Micro Card slot (which does not come with the device), so that's good. The player itself seems quite sturdy since the backplate is made of aluminium and the front/screen from plastic (surprise surprise). Also it was packaged in a nice little package.AND IT CAN READ "EBOOKS", well sort of. I was suprised when the title menu had the option for ebooks and tried some formats and found out it can read .txt files. It can be annoying to read text from such a small screen, but hey, it's better than nothing and atleast you can read something whilst listening to y
    I even like the color of this thing.
    A must buy product if you are looking for a cheap and reliable MP3- player. Just remember to buy a micro card for it and some new headphones! 5/5!


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