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  • Hi quality and full monitored

    posted by bigjack65

    Very well made, have a standard mini-USB connector so it' easy to embed in your projects. Have almost standard FTDI interface plus a standard 6 pin ISP connector. Plus have an useful switch for 3,3 or 5 Volt signals. There are leds for Power, TX and RX for complete monitoring.
    ISP interface not jet tested
    A very well done product, I recommend it.
  • Very useful Serial Adapter

    posted by cobra09

    This XBee Serial Adapter is a great product. The quality of the PCB and soldering can't be faulted, and it works just fine.
    I bought it to make a microcontroller communicate through XBee. This adapter is designed to interface Serial through USB OR XBee through USB, but not XBee through Serial which is what I had wanted. There is an easy fix, by swapping the Rx and Tx pins on the Serial Pins, the adapter flawlessly communicates from Serial to XBee.
    I would definitely recommend this to anybody wanting to interface between two of the three connections on this adapter, I am even considering buying more myself!
  • I totally recomend it

    posted by RVILAV

    Very small size. USB connector fits perfectly into the PC connector.Pins are correctly labeled , even on both sides.Comes with four cables with color codes and connectors for rapid testing. Finally it's a good price.
    Better than try to use directly the CP 2102 directly.It was not recognized by Windows 7 at first but it is easy to download the driver by googling. For example from silabs.com.
    Very useful to connect to UART controlled device to a USB port and test it or program it from the PC, tablet... For first testing I used an HyperTerminal type program and read directly the signal output from the wires supplied.: I could change easily the protocol, baud rate... etc
  • Just works

    posted by dzhon

    One of the best UART converters presented in sales and markets. Works in Windows/Linux. Furthermore, linux has build-in kernel module for CP210x devices. I typically use it with 3.3V VCC to connect work with different MCUs.
    I bought two items for DIY projects debugging. One of them works 24/7 as USB->UART bridge between cubieboard single-plate computer and my own plate with MCU. I have not any issues or troubles.
    Nice device, best price and good quality. No more to say.
  • Works as axpected

    posted by milcha

    Very cheap, build quality is ok and due the used chip CP2102 easy to connect with i.e. "DIY ATMEGA328P 16MHz Electric Block Module - Blue" available here on dx.com, also very cheap.USB to TTL-----------ArduinoDTR---------------------DTRRXD---------------------TXDTXD---------------------RXDVCC---------------------VCCGND--------------------GNDThere is a lot of soldering pads you can use
    On Win8 x64 no extra driver required,
    With Arduino IDE works even as a Serial Monitor. You only need to set - Tools - Programmer - AVR ISP

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