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The perfect usb remote player here to meet all your needs. DX also offers coupon discounts as high as 50% for products on the dx website, offering you huge savings! radio usb player or sd usb player may offer more options for you. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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usb remote player Customers Reviews

  • awesome deal

    posted by jk4287

    it reads most of the popular video format, incl. rmvb which I used the most.
    it plays mp3 well.
    usb + sd card works well. But I haven't tried > 8GB card and also > 4GB usb though.
    it's a really good deal if you want to add on a card reader / usb to your car audio system.
    it's easy to wire up as long as you have the right tool.
  • Excellent Quality MP3 Player

    posted by Jollyrgr

    This MP3 player works excellent in super cold weather (-10F) to very warm (100F). Works with SD cards or Flash drives. Some MP3 players have electronic noise when playing silent passages; this device does not. Buttons while small have a solid feel to them. The LINE OUT is much better than the FM modulator units. This device case is METAL and not cheap plasic.
    I would love a device just like this but with a display. For those wondering, this device plays the songs in the order they were copied to the SD card or Flash drive.
    If you are looking for a car MP3 player so you are not constantly changing batteries or recharging a unit, this will do the job. It is much better than the FM transmiter devices.
  • very nice

    posted by polip

    device has good resolution, device built with good sturdy matirial, blue background lights add nice atmosphere.
    the option to add background music really upgrades the overall feeling of the atmosphere.
    electric cord comes in a 110V outlet without a 220 adapter.
    would be great for a present for family or friends.
    great instrument, worth the price.
    i bought it for my wife and she really appriciated the gift.
  • Small device-pequeño aparato

    posted by livan1

    Easy to use, support memory , usb device and other.Small remote. It`s work. Facil de usar , suporta distintos tipos de memoria , usb y otros. Pequeño control remoto. Funciona¡.
    I don`t know if there is this kind of device with betther sound queality. It`s could be better-No se si hay algun otro aparato como este con mejor sonido.Podria ser mejor-
    It`s a small device. En un aparato pequeño
  • Really useful product

    posted by mdsampaio

    Almost everything is pro!The greatest function is to permit change folders. but only from the remote control, pressing and holding two seconds |<< or >>| button to go up and down the folders on usb flash drive or SD card.
    I think the new units comes with cables. I received it on last order.
    Highly recommended acquisition.

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