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usb rechargeable mp3 player Customers Reviews

  • Good product

    posted by V3dran

    The headset is very comfortable, the speakers are very loud and clear(for that price you cannot expect better), it takes 2-3 hours to recharge it
    Don't know how long the battery will lasts, I have not tested it yet deeply
    If you want a cheap product, perfect for run and bicycling you should buy it
  • excellent product

    posted by fredbs

    Very good product, it has a 2 color display, it has a nice bass - and it is LOUD!very intuitive to plug and play.You can charge it with the usb cable, but it also works on a motorola cell fone charger, so you can charge it on the go.Good memory capability - 16 gigs.I definetelly recomend it and will buy more!!Nice battery - it plays for hours with out the need to charge it
    very good item.good quality, long lasting battery,nice display - it shows the name of the song you are listening to.will buy more
    excellent buy.
  • Not bad

    posted by ramiil

    It`s wery small, easy in control and use and cheap. Includes charging cabile(usb-->miniusb) and a small headset. Sounds good, and battarey is good too.
    Player is very good choice for this price, i am in sort of satisfaction.
    Sorry my bad english, i hope my info will help you in making decision.
  • Good device

    posted by PanAcorn

    Nice functions set, pretty sound, small size, mp3 alarm. It has bigger function set that my big philips slim musical center that I used as mp3 alarm clock.
    Many people wrote about scratched screen. I was shocked too. My screen was chratched. But it was just an invisible protective film. I pilled it off and now my screen is ideal. Check your screen! Try to pill off your scratches.
    Good device for every day alarm for me and my children.But I don't know what USB Linein is...
  • MP3 Player

    posted by BarbaraPozg

    it's cheap, easy to use, looks good- especially if you're into retro look-, it' really small, but I guess it can be a pro for some people or a con for the others, and it can have song as much as your sd card can hold so it depends on you
    it's prefect for people who just want something to listen their music on and like the retro style of this mp3 player, it's small so it fits every pocket, and it's really cute
    I recommend this product, it's cute and useful and pretty cheap

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