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  • Hard case and nice razor

    posted by Yenary

    This item is very cool and nice to use. a portable 2 in one electric lighter and razor. i bought this item to take the element of electric lighter to make a fire but i think not to destroy it but to copy the way to make the fire. so i succed and this item being my staff to clean my face and smoking.
    This item is unique and i think this item could make your live different from the other. no one know this item when the first time saw.
    Thank You Dx.com. This is the second Shipped item. Dx.com trusted. So don't wait too long. Come and buy this item.
  • Cool and useful lighter

    posted by riftom

    - Cool looking.- Easy to use.- Power last longer than I thought, I already use it more than 2 weeks from the initial charging.- Helpful instructions included.- No need to buy another gas refill.- Very useful when using it in windy situation.- Bright and clear LED light.
    - The LED light is less useful to me because I have a lot of tools with LED lamp like this. - It would be cooler if the battery is replaceable.
    - If you use it, try not to burn the plastic.- This is very cool tool, I showed it to my friends and all my friends was impressed.
  • A great conversation starter!

    posted by Satori42

    Lightweight, but durable. Heating element comes on in 1 second. For people who camp and smoke, it's absolutely ideal to have something both a light and a lighter that can recharge. Smaller than a large Bic lighter. LED button makes for easy signalling in the dark.
    I've had people suggest that the only thing this can't light is a pipe, and that we need a USB pipe like this. The ability to swap out the LED for other colors would be amazing, particularly for signaling and identifying while camping. Don't know if that's possible without breaking it trying to open it up. Touching the cigarette to the element isn't necessary; just near it instead may prolong the life of the element.
    This makes a great conversation starter whenever I go out to smoke. ("Hey, have I shown you my new toy yet?") People are generally fascinated and want to buy one off me for double the price. I can't keep a supply of these on me, they're gone before the next shipment's arrived. A great idea, and an awesome little sideline. A definite must-buy.
  • Perfect for outdoor using

    posted by Dimshu

    I have ordered this lighter for use on subglacial fishing and on hunting. I had problems earlier when the flame of a gas lighter was blown by a wind over and over again. With this lighter the problem has disappeared, predictably at purchase. Very convenient mechanism of ignition, it is possible not to remove gloves.
    As this lighter doesn't use open fire, I think, it is more safe usual gas lighters. The accumulator works long, the lighter was used more weeks by two smokers without additional charge.
    Must have!Magnificent, reliable and safe lighter.
  • Better than expected

    posted by psycost

    Build quality was much better then expect, the case felt nice and sturdy as did the usb connection, and the led didn't do anything crazy.
    given that its not a uv light the led should be white so it can a atlest be used as a torch.
    feels nice, a decent enough weight that you won't feel you are going to snap it. the led is abit tacky, but is easily ignored. works as intended.
    Also, be careful not to get tobacco in the element.


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