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usb receiver remote controller Customers Reviews

  • Great Remote for the price

    posted by electriac

    This little remote produces standard ASCII commands. I have written a media player which works perfectly with this remote.
    label14.Text = "Key = " + e.KeyValue.ToString();
    if (e.KeyValue == 13) navigate(); //Enter
    if (e.KeyValue == 32 || e.KeyValue == 179) pausePlay(); //pause/play
    if (e.KeyValue == 39) { playNext(); listBox1.SelectedIndex--; } //Next
    if (e.KeyValue == 37 || e.KeyValue == 177)
    } //Previous
    if (e.KeyValue == 71) graphicOffOn();
    if (e.KeyValue == 82)
    if (checkBox1.Checked == false)
    checkBox1.Checked = true;
    else checkBox1.Checked = false;
    if (e.KeyValue == 68) radioButton1.Checked=true;
    if (e.KeyValue == 65) radioButton2.Checked = true;
    if (e.KeyValue == 67) radioButton3.Checked = true;
    if (e.KeyValue == 27) Application.Exit(); //Exit Ap
    if (e.KeyValue == 76) selList();
    if (e.KeyValue == 73) includeSubs();
    if (e.KeyValue == 80) gotoParent();
    if (e.KeyValue == 83) nameSave();
    if (e.KeyValue == 190) saveToTemp();
    if (e.KeyValue == 8) { listBox1.SelectedIndex = 2; navigate(); } //parent
    BTW the CH+ CH- are ASCII 34 "PageDown" and ASCII 33 "Page Up".
    Best remote for the price I have ever tested.
  • Works great - item gets too hot

    posted by tiagotpc

    Item Works for all Brazil channels including digital channels.It gets Cultura, globo, record, redetv, bandeirantes, MTV and other channels.I use in my laptop in São Paulo city and countryside and Works fine.
    It has redording software. really nice.Setting up and configuring is easy and intuitive.
    Great item for the price. here in brazil it costs at least 50usd a similar one.
  • Awesome remote!

    posted by xyanide1986

    +Good range+non-directional (you don't have to point at it)+Mouse stick (not analog) and seperate buttons+4 customizable shortcuts for media+small and almost elegant+buttons feel sturdy enough+plug-and-play
    Alt+tab command is very fast, might be nice if it was slower but I don't mind at all. There is no creaking or cracking noises when I squeeze the remote so that's a sign of good construction. The plastic is a little flexible so I don't think it will break by falling from any height.It would be nice if there was a very small magnet on the inside of the receiver casing so you can stick it on the computer more easily. Out of the box you can't stick it down on anything.
    If you're looking for basic mouse+keyboard controls with media shortcuts in a small remote this is absolutely perfect. I think it outputs the same commands as keyboards for media so you will have zero issues with compatibility. If you want to sit on the couch and watch something you only really need this little guy It's the size of a mouse with the thickness of a smartphone, genius.
  • It's Really good.

    posted by anderdoma

    Receiver not reaching to a wide range, you have to aim it to the exact, but the recepter has a good lenght of cable being ease the aimUse just 2 batteries (2XAAA), it has a lot of feactures and shortcut.
    I recomment this product, it help you to control, music, videos and internet when you are lied, it works in W7.I use 3 meters from computer, and it works good, the mouse is easy to use.
    Good product, delivery in 35 days, it was packed, till now I don't have problems with it.
  • Nice remote to rule TV and living room computer

    posted by Kasbert

    I love the idea of having both mouse and a programmable remote control on the same device. If you use TV mostly with a computer, you could really have only one remote to rule them all.The device goes to sleep as promised and wakes up by pushing the button. Infrared remote control learning is quite easy, even if the instructions try to confuse you.
    With an Android TV box the remote works quite well. The remote is quite light and the rounded design feels ok in hand. The finish and look of the remote are good.
    Wonderful idea for controlling living room computer and TV. The infrared function could be a bit better. Works well with an Android device.

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