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usb printer cable

You can easily find the latest low priced usb printer cable offered at our online shop. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. Of course, you can find them from iphone usb cable, usb 3 cable. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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usb printer cable Customers Reviews

  • Cheap, reliable, standard printer cable

    posted by pupopa

    Extremely cheap - Good/shop quality - Solid connectors - Quick delivery
    I bought a cheap printer that came without a cable. The local shop wanted me to pay the same price for a cable as I paid for the printer. I instantly ordered this cable from DX and it has been doing what it is supposed to ever since. Excellent alternative to weird local priority pricing! Nothing indicates that this cable differs from what you buy locally in any way.
    Excellent choice if you need a printer cable.
  • Cable

    posted by LukieBe

    Easy to use,just plug it in the printer and computer. Download printer driver and ready to go (print) ! Cable doesn't 'lag' like some other cheap cables do. So its pretty fast as you would've expected. Length is good enough. Not too long, not too short. Just perfect for my set-up ! Design is also pretty damn cool and look futuristic.
    1,5 meters doesn't look a lot, but it's good.
    if you need it, buy it it looks fancy (futuristic)! And easy to use. Make sure the length is long enough for your set-up !
  • It seems fine

    posted by krapule

    The build quality is much better than with this item: http://www2.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.9135
    and the cable is much longer.
    The color is really ugly (so what?).
    I rated the cable FOUR stars and not five, because i don't know if it is the cable or the printer that's not working.
    The computer seems to recognize the cable by itself, by the way...
  • Good, short USB cable

    posted by SoManyFish

    - Short cable (50 cm length) is perfect for my application which is to connect Arduino to MacBook Pro on my desk- Attractive translucent blue colour.- More flexible than other USB printer cables I own.- Build quality seems good.- Low price is 1/3 that I would pay in my country (Canada) for equivalent product!
    [Why does dx.com have a 500 character minimum length for a review. Many reviews are usefl even if they are shorter than 500 characters. Would dx.com please get rid of this silly 500 character minimum?!]
    If you need a nice, short USB printer cable then this cable might be a good choice for you. But 50 cm is pretty short for many applications so you better measure first.
  • OudSide

    posted by oudside

    It's works direcly, i get it for my dad becas he has a new computer but no printerport on it so the only thing whas to connect it by a usb to printerport convertor.
    it's work direcly when you put it in the usb port it's reconise the new printer port only what i saw whas that you need to connect te printer direcly to the printer connect en thane put in the usb port.
    Great product !! more its a GREAT PRICE


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