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usb power phone

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usb power phone Customers Reviews

  • Helps alot

    posted by Gorbush

    Helps to power several devices.My Phone is choosey - it doesnt charges if current is lower then 1A - this item has two of them with 1A out - so it suites it well.I have plugged my car-cam in the second slot, my wife's phone into the third and have one more as backup.
    Very good quality - i didn't expect such a good plastic and cover.
    It costs more than i spent!It replaced my previous purchase of car splitter.
  • Powerful battery

    posted by icemunk

    This is a HUGE capacity battery that can charge your phone or tablet many times over. I can charge my Galaxy S3 about 15 times before this thing is empty. It is 30,000mah which would be equivilent to 150 watt/hours. It's a sturdy construction, has plenty of adaptors, and can charge at 1 amp (5v) or 2 amps (5v) - plus a nice little LED light for if the power goes out.
    Awesome battery, plenty of capacity, and excellent price. You'll see other places trying to charge $30 for an 8000mah battery with the same features, this one has almost 4 times what those similar batteries have for the same price. Buy this one.
  • USB powered Charger Xiaomi M1

    posted by tetovo

    Nice design, looks very solid and the surface of the product is well protected. Looks very expensive and charges the Xiaomi M1 phone perfectly. I'm very happy with this luxery product. I can recommend this product.
    Great product for a decent price. Love the looks!
  • It works on 230 volts OK

    posted by Ricnz

    Seems to be solid, well made, no sharp edges and mains pins fold flat to allow easy packing for travel. Pretty good valueThe charger contacts adjusted perfectly to fit my battery. Spring loaded contact pins are great. The slide holding section was tensioned perfectly for my Nokia battery. For my use I think it will last a long time as there is only one battery size to charge.
    I bought this to charge up my 'spare' cell phone batteries and it fit those batteries perfectly.
    No English instructions.If you need to charge spare cellphone batteries out of the phone then this will do the job.Note the slightly above limit cutoff voltage mentioned in cons.
  • Awesome product for tourers

    posted by sraajnishanth

    1. Completely waterproof. I had my bike water serviced once (high pressure water) and this product wasn't affected at all2. Compatible with all devices that can be charged by a usb3. Cabling is of good quality and does not melt under the heat of the engine
    Would have preferred a choice of colors. But hey, nothing that a can of spray paint can't fix!
    Well worth the cost spent for this product

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