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Every single usb power black displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.

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  • excellent usb mini speaker

    posted by crespitoska

    DX.com products, sound products are my favorite, this mini USB speaker is the size appropriate for use with portable devices, it has a great sound and power suitable for personal use, recognizes it easily multiple devices and does not consume much energy so it is perfect for use in travel
    this is a ítem absolutely recommend to buy
    buy it and enjoy the good sound for low price
  • Good cheap inverter

    posted by Jakester519

    Unbelievably low price.Works great straight from the box.USB port included.Multi output for UK/US/EU plugs.Charges laptops, tablets at the same time as running GPS or charging phone on the move.Nice LED not too bright, it is not distracting whilst driving.Low noise fan.
    Haven't tried it for longer than about an hour in the car so unsure what overheating problems could occur, especially in summer temperatures. Works very well for keeping tablet PC charged whilst driving around and also charging phones at the same time via USB port.
    A nice little 12v - 240v inverter for the car. Always comes in handy and at just over $5 a real bargain.

    posted by viniciuscvnunes

    The USB Powered Flexible Neck 10 - LED White Light Lamp - Black is very very very bright!The usb plug has good quality such as the leds and the leds' support.Do what it has to do for this low price.
    Good price, good bright!I use it to illuminate the keyboard, it's helpfull at night.There are 10 leds and all of them have the same intensite of brightness, and this mean that all used leds have good quality.The support that connects the usb plub with the led is rigid, what gives conffiance to you use in any place you want.
    I recommend. It works! You can buy it as a gift with no mistake. =D
  • Very good product - low price !

    posted by sandman13th

    Good product, looks very nice and also it's very compact. I'm using it with a Samsung Galaxy S and it does the job for wich it's destined perfectly and also the price is 50% of what you find in stores.The blue light is nice.Also it has a package which can be opened-closed-reopened. It's very nice because i can keep it there so i won't lose it around.The rubber tire-shape frame is very nice also :)
    I tried it with 3 phones and it works good with all of them
    I like it because it's very compact so it doesn't bother and disturb me like most of car chargers do!
  • pretty good/efficient device.

    posted by cchris

    I took mine apart to use as part of another project and was pleasantly surprised to find a Texas Instruments MC3306A 1.5A peak boost buck converter. This is a major pro because most of these inexpensive chargers use linear regulators which would wast ~60-70% of the power the consume, which can cause the charger to get quite hot.
    I should note that 1.5A is for the /switch/ current so the 2A rating on the product page is most likely true since this device is powered by 12v.
    I'd say buy 2 and replace the first if it breaks and you can't fix it. for the price they're amazing.

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