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Every single usb power adapter usb displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. Customers can also browse high power usb wireless adapter or car power adapter mini usb to find their desired products. Find your beloved cool gadgets right now.
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usb power adapter usb Customers Reviews

  • Compact, high quality, works perfectly

    posted by Cythrelo

    Plastic seems to be very high quality, no creaks or gaps. Cable is thick enough to handle the current but could be a little longer. Metal switches will probably outlast the rest of the unit. USB port delivers the expected 1A.
    I would have liked to have a second USB port, or for the USB port to deliver 2 amps.
    Definitely worth buying! One of the better splitters I've used.
  • Charge two devices without taking up the outlet

    posted by Endurance

    How many of you have resorted to putting a powerstrip in your kitchen so you can charge more than one electronic device at a time? Seriously, I now have a piece of counter space back that used to be a powerstrip so I could charge my phone and ipod at the same time. Life is better now.
    Works like it should, 100% reliable for over four months now. Simple design that also travels well. I ended up buying an extra one for the office.
    Travels well, works reliably, simple design and does what it says it does. What more can you want from a simple device like this?
  • Works just fine for me!

    posted by ubiratamuniz

    - Small form factor, can fit on any space on your case- Adds an eSata port to your PC- Windows 7 (including x64) compatible- USB compatibility (haven't tested it though)- Decent packaging and manual- All cables provided with the kit
    I haven't tested the USB funcionality, because I have no spare USB ports on my motherboard. I also haven't tested it for hot swapping, haven't had the guts to do so.But for adding external storage to your PC (for the purpose of backing up files for example) it does the trick...Please note that you have to have available SATA ports on your motherboard to use this.
    Great item for adding eSata funcionality to your PC.
  • Great charger (if you don't listen to FM radio)

    posted by maqsUA

    Very good quality case. It charges two Android phones simultaneously at approx. 800-900mA according to "Battery Monitor Widget" (the original wall charger shows the same results).
    It would be an ideal device, if only it did not suppress the FM signal. But if you're not a radio-listener - it's worth buying.But still it's a good device, it gives enough current to power any of my portable devices.
  • Quality cool

    posted by mountlander

    Good device on the low price.By pendant it works well with one USB. More lately I will verify with the large number.
    It thus far works well.Is indicated Powered of 7-Port USB of 2.0 Hub, and in reality ports only 5!Order went very for long 2 months. Probably, problem with the local mail.
    Attentively you look in the photograph of device, that not to be mistaken with the joint of power unit. It would be very conveniently, if immediately adapter to the power unit in the complete set.

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