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This is our best usb power adapter charger, they all share a great design and great prices. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. usb car power adapter charger or usb power adapter iphone charger may offer more options for you. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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usb power adapter charger Customers Reviews

  • Works perfectly

    posted by robbycat79

    Works very will, no complaints about it. We all know how a phone charger works and this one does the job. I bought them (2 pieces) for my Samsung S2 and they worked very well. Feels very solid and strong.
    No other thoughts. This is a perfect charger if you need one for your phone.
    If you need a charger for your phone, this is the one (for EU off course). For not even half of the price when bought in a shop.
  • Good quality product for the price

    posted by mtang2

    Great USB charger, decent quality and provides power as specified, two <=1A connections at the same time or one 2A connection (which is good for charging iPads). Build quality is solid and the red LED to indicate that the charger is active is unobtrusive. Small size is fairly portable.
    Shipping was standard DX transit times from China - if you need something in a hurry, this may not be your best choice. Packaging, if I recall correctly, is also fairly minimal. We've been using a unit I've bought for work to charge a departmental iPad 3 and work Blackberrys/iPhone 5s with no issues for the past 2-3 months.
    An excellent deal for the money, if you're only looking for 2 USB outlets and value is of the utmost concern, and you don't need it in a hurry.
  • Doesn't fit all sockets

    posted by Carmen1405

    It's small and light weighted.It doesn't get hot while charching, only a bit warm.It does what you expect from it.
    I tried this for the ipod nano, iphone 4 and ipad 2. It works for all these 3 devices.
    It fits in the socket I use the most, so I don't have any problems with it. But it might be a problem, because not every sockets fit. But for this price I can't complain.
  • Works great with my Raspberry Pi

    posted by CrashinDutchman

    Works as expected. Lot's of similar adapters do not deliver enough amps for the Raspberry Pi I am using it with, but this one does.I have also used it to charge my Samsung Galaxy S2 and my FirefoxOS phone and they are charged faster than with the charger that came with these devices.
    It doesn't get hot at all!
    Get one if you have a Raspberry Pi or if you need a charger for your phone or tablet. The micro usb connector fits most modern phones
  • Battery Charger

    posted by HellsChicken

    Thanks to the four connectors, I can charge all my devices in one plug. (iPod, HTC phone, Battery Backup, HTC Tablet) Saved me a whole socket!
    it's a very good device, although the very bright blue light is very annoying if you use it in your bedroom. I've tried to put some tape on the light, but it shines through the tape and the sides. This is a very big side effect.

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