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usb power adapter charger black

Welcome to our usb power adapter charger black online shop. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Browse the products from usb power adapter charger ipod, or some other related Pages like usb power adapter charger samsung. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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usb power adapter charger black Customers Reviews

  • Good and usefull Product

    posted by 60267

    Good product, has a low price. it is extremely easy to use, there is a LED indicator to know if it is well connected to power supply. There are two USB outputs where you can connect your mobile phone and GPS device together.
    I liked the product and recommend it.
    This product is so usefull when you are in a traffic jam and you need to charge your mobile phone and your GPS device simultaneously. I liked the product and recommend it.
  • Works great with my Raspberry Pi

    posted by CrashinDutchman

    Works as expected. Lot's of similar adapters do not deliver enough amps for the Raspberry Pi I am using it with, but this one does.I have also used it to charge my Samsung Galaxy S2 and my FirefoxOS phone and they are charged faster than with the charger that came with these devices.
    It doesn't get hot at all!
    Get one if you have a Raspberry Pi or if you need a charger for your phone or tablet. The micro usb connector fits most modern phones
  • Very useful

    posted by gargamel2

    This USB power adapter is very attractive for use with a very wide variety of devices which need to charge from a USB port. It current rating is high and very good. There are not many USB chargers that are rated for 2100mA (or 2.1A) of current output. I have a lab electronic load testing equipment and tested it.It was a good surprise to see that it can hold the 5V / 2.1A current as stated on the label. When no load it outputs 5.2V as expected.Very Good.
    I will start using it today and we will see how long it will last without failing.
    Very comfortable and nice design.It can output the 2100mA as specified in the label.It would have been perfect if it had a working Red light indication on the charger I received.
  • luxury design with 2 usb port built-in

    posted by enigman

    --it has two usb ports with one input for normal plug--has blue LED to let you know it has power--easy to use with sliders on each side of the plug--sturdy built with reliable design
    --written indicators on each slider will be helpful, but you can look at the plug side anyway
    --great design and features to match its high price
  • Very usefull

    posted by babinassif

    Works in the car cigarette very easy
    The built material is very good
    Has a nice design
    I've been using for several months, almost daily, and has no issue until now
    As it is very cheap, you can buy several
    Usually the standard rechargers to use in car are very expensives, and you need one extra cable to each device
    With this device you only need to have the regular USB cable
    Is very usefull if you need to recharge any device and only has the usb cable
    Works with all cellphone types and also GPS

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