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  • Very nice looking hub

    posted by Borhoofd

    It's very solid, and has a lot of ports. Now I only have to plug in one USB cable when I put my laptop on my desk. The cable is a nice oldskool Apple-like transparent one.
    It's great! I taped it to the bottom of my desk so I can connect all my USB devices to it without visible cable mess. When I put down my laptop I just plug in the hub.
    It's definately worth it's money.
  • Great for desktops

    posted by Supercoke

    -Lights up with blue LEDs-Dual switches to control two groups of hubs-Non-power consuming devices can still be pluged into the hub without power, good for laptops
    Very useful device to have for heavy computer users, was able to replace my tree of usb hubs with one organized hub.
    I would buy this again when I need more usb ports. Highly recommended.
  • 4 -> 1 cigarette lighter adapter

    posted by capadonic

    we wanted to buy a adapter, but i didn't want to pay 25$ for it. so we always try to manage without. But now for this low price, we just bought it, and we can't miss it anymore!WORKS like a charm!
    We have two kids, and we are always having problems with devices that need to be charged in the car. we have a GPS, 2 headrest videoscreens, and sometimes when we are travelling we also need to charge our cellphones. We always managed to charge everything, but it was one big worrie! now we can connect the GPS and the two headrest videoscreens in the cigarette lighters, and the phones in the USB ports. This makes our life much easier.
    works great, but feels really light and cheap. but does what it needs to do, so if you want a cheap solution, do not hesitate.
  • Excellent product for that price

    posted by theseven

    - Cheap- 2A output- PCB contains battery protection circuitry (deep discharge, overcharge, short circuit)- Bypass diode from input to output- Step-Up converter efficiency of 70-80%- Trickle charges deep discharged batteries- Doesn't start charging if battery voltage is above ~4.15V- Fuel gauge isn't all the way off (but tends to be a bit too optimistic)
    Some data points:- PCB looks like the 2A output version, bottom picture here: http://i1138.photobucket.com/albums/n525/yulunyan/55.jpg- Battery charge completion: 4.20V- Powered off battery discharge current: 0.5mA- Powered on (idle) battery discharge current: 4.6mA (including LED)- USB output voltage (idle): 5.21V- USB output voltage (3.55V battery, 1.63A load): 4.57V (efficiency at this point: ~72%)- USB output voltage (4.1V battery, 1.75A load): 5.16V- USB output voltage (4.1V battery, 1.95A load): 4.61V
    Awesome product for that price, apparently well-engineered electronics.I'm really curious what that jumper on the PCB is good for.
  • Great Price for OEM parts!

    posted by pinkytube

    This is great! Bought a broken Iphone from ebay for 40$ that needed this part, changed it in 3 hours, and the phone is now like new!
    Get these while you can! The Iphone 2g is going to be extinct soon, so store these up for the future!
    Get these while you can! The Iphone 2g is going to be extinct soon, so store these up for the future!


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