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You can buy cheap usb port hub from us. DX also offers coupon discounts as high as 50% for products on the dx website, offering you huge savings! Browse usb 2.0 hub port or usb 3 hub to find what you are looking for. Visit now and experience our quality service, brought to you from China's leading online retailer.
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usb port hub Customers Reviews

  • Waiting for the USB 3.0 version

    posted by mihijios

    The rotation feature is pretty nice, and well implemented; it doesn't feel like the device is going to break or jam. It looks good, and gives your laptop a cleaner look than what you can achieve with hubs with a cable.I connect 2 different DJ controllers to my Macbook Air, and I see no delays, conflicts or lack of current.
    Waiting for the USB 3.0 version. Add a microSD reader, and Macbook users will rush in!
    Well built and good looking small USB 2.0 hub
  • Hub Micro USB of 4 Port

    posted by carlaamsilva

    Ótima Relação Qualidade Preço. Exatamente o que pretendia. Perfeito para Tablet que apenas possuem uma entrada Micro USB e não dispõem de muitas utilizações possíveis
    Its very usefull for tablets that only have one entrance Micro USB. It´s very pratical and usefull
    Great product.It´s something that I needed and that Ican´t Find very easly in my country, our it's to expensive. So Thanks DX for this great opportunity to by the things we allways wanted
  • Usb hub without power adapter

    posted by SerVaK

    Nice item:- cheap- normal cable- all ports working fine- nice view- button (on/off) as normal power hub
    - very bright led, you must hide or switch off it for night time, but also you can paint switch or broke led :)
    If you need hub without power adapter - buy, this item works very fine, but you can buy cheaper usb hub without power adapter.
  • Real High Speed USB2.0 hub.

    posted by Rebootedc

    It is really High Speed, or so HD Tune says, and Windows don't complain saying it's a slow hub. It's got a nice blue led on top, and ports are nicely placed (two on one side, one on another and the last on top)
    I was bored of having low speed hubs so I surfed DX throughfully looking for a simple but high speed one. And here it is. It's nicely built with a blue led and four gommets in the base so it doesn't move nor falls from the top of your PC.
    If I need more hubs I'll definititely buy more of these.
  • Excellent usb hub!!!111oneone

    posted by Goury

    its very best quality item i received from dxhub parts can be deattached and reattached in way u like so its possible to merge many hubs to one big hub - thats looks uber nicealso it works well as usb 2.0 so im very hapy to have this good thing
    hubs design is superbawesomedx! plz, sell more high-quality items and less low quality!
    this bottomline will say so its very great and very high quality itemif u need 4 port usb 2.0 hub and some little wires dont botherin u too much - buy this one!

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