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usb plug Customers Reviews

  • Feels well-built, but may stress the USB-connector

    posted by gijsnoorlander

    - feels well-built- European power-plug- 1000mA charger (charges the HTC Desire faster than on the USB-connector alone)
    I'll advice to place some layers of tape on the inside of the cradle to support the weight of the phone. Otherwise there might be too much stress on the USB connector, which may lead to defects in the future.Perhaps also the cradle could be a bit taller for better support of the phone.I find it a bit strange the charger is equipped with the mini-USB connector and the (data) USB-cable is fixed. Perhaps a micro-USB-connector on the charger would be making more sense.
    As a desk-charger it is fine, but I wouldn't advise using it without some modifications, otherwise the micro-USB-connector of the phone may break.
  • Very Good!!!!

    posted by maurocampo18

    I can keep track of the temperature of my fish easier and I'm seeing all the time, and read from afar.The plug is very comfortable!!!
    The range of measurement is very accurate, in just half a degree change with conventional thermometer.
    I love it!!!!!!!Far the best buy so far on DX.I feel more confident to control the temperature of my fish, and I see it all the time.Would buy many more without hesitation.I recommend ... Comes very well packed and protected.Thanks DX
  • Works well with my Motorola.

    posted by WOZdods

    Light, compatible with other cables, works with all the phones I have tested it with (including motorola, samsung and sony).
    I have bought about as many as 5 chargers and each had som tipe of incompatibility issue. One of them wouldn't work at all, the other would leave the device sort of crazy, inoperable during charge, most of them just didn't work right. This one is working fine since it's arrival and I'm going to buy some extra to keep in case of losing another charger.
    The only one fully compatible charger I've found so far.
  • Good cradle, bat charger

    posted by Cucinato

    The cradle is OK, it stands firm on the desktop and I never had any compatibility issue.
    The cable is long enough to place the cradle.
    Maybe the LED is too bright: I use the cradle at my office, so I have no problems, but when used at the bedside, it could be an issue.
    Get it for just the cradle, and double check how the phone it behaves with the charger.
  • Impressive

    posted by Timdayle

    The charger is sturdy, and works fine.It saves me the burden of carrying multiple charger. It is very easy to use. The charge time is considerate. Its cool
    Just love it. It save , space, and resources.
    The investment is a worthwhile one. Not too expensive.

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