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usb player speaker Customers Reviews

  • Nice little gadget that really wakes you up :)

    posted by Nappy2

    Nice little gadget. Sound is great for such a little box and nice to take to a picknick.
    Works well with a usb stick with music on.
    I have a charger for my phone next to the bed and can use that also to charge the cube during the day
    Nice gadget/alarm clock
  • singbox sv927

    posted by cheelout

    1. great sound - unexpected pure bass2. the minimal distortion of sound are observed only at the maximum sound level3. flashlight is really bright4. when press pause and switch off while mp3 track playing - after switching on that track plays from the place it was paused5. fm tuner has very good sensitivity and when when the frequency starts weakening, the receiver removes the noise and interference from the audio path to improve readability6. after frequency searching could remember more than 35 stations in memory7. could be used as card reader via usb with high speed transmission of the files8. could be used as external sound card for pc\laptop when connect item through the mini-usb port (tested on win 7 ultimate 64 bit)9. excellent working as aux-in amplifier10. very smooth volume control (looks like it has some electronic control - not only analog rotary)11. good sound through earphones 12. rubber passive driver makes great bass
    some more pros:13. very smooth working wheel of tuning - also with some electronic circuit, 3 colors led which indicates charging level when it plugged in.14. memory cards could be read through simple usb card-reader, connected to the usb port on the item. tested with inserted in card-reader memory stick, Olympus xd-card, micro sd.
    amazing item for such price. there was no any regrets from the date of purchase till today. did not find any cons, use it little less than 1 year. i will buy again this item for my friends.
  • Great Universal speaker / sound system

    posted by dietcokelight

    Universal sound system (FM Radio, SD Card and every 3.5mm player like MP3, phone,....) with great sound. Can be used everywhere. Charges fast and lasts for more than 6 hours.
    I use it during my Powerpoint presentation, in the shower, on the bike to work, in the garden,.... just everywhere
    It is solid with great sound, long battery life and small enough that is fits everywhere.
    Lightweight and easy to use once you understand the logical setup.
    If you're looking for a small but powerfull sound system than this is it. It is universal and almost every player can be hooked up.
    It won't let you down after a couple of hours.
  • Loud and clear

    posted by raphaelmesquita

    Incredibly loud device. Honestly, didn't expect a small box to be so loud. Impressed. Very light, easy to carry around. USB works fine, but radio tuning doesn't seem to be that good.
    If you're looking for something to listen in your kitchen while your cook, or in your garage while you work, or during a barbecue with friends, this is what you're looking for. Very light, easy to use, and a lour and clear sound. Everytime I have friends over for a beer, I turn it on and plug a pen drive in it, and that's our music for the night.
    Great equipment, with great sound. Could be a little bit cheaper, since I've seen other equipments with lower prices, but I can't define them as better or worse than this one.
  • a must have!

    posted by toms7

    it's smal, great sound, easy to use,
    incredible sound even on highest volume!
    fast on and of
    the usb port is realty simple to use, usb in and it starts playing right on.
    for this price, a real must have gadget for those who want good sound quality everywhere
    i don't know the battery lifetime, but an extra battery pack is always handy
    a must have, low price amazing sound,
    it's super tiny, and super easy to use

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