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usb night lamp

You will be surprised our best usb night lamp with an artful design and an amazing price. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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usb night lamp Customers Reviews

  • quite bright

    posted by paultech

    Small, very bright. Usable with nearly any USB power source such as laptops , battery chargers and USB batteries.The light is relatively unfocused so it good for activities near the light only. One one of my tablets it will illuminate my face when using the front camera, not the room.
    Uses 120mA at 5V
    Handy, but keep it in a safe place.
  • Mine has a touch on/off switch!

    posted by cadocado

    Note, I got a different light, read on!I love these little lights. They take almost no power, but they are great reading lights. The colour is warm-white. It gives a lot of light, those leds are very bright. Read on!
    First of all, I got a different device than you see in the picture. Any USB light requires just 3 leds and 3 resistors (small black squares). But mine has 5 more components: An 8 pin chip, a 3 pin chip (can be a mosfet or transistor) and three other parts like resistors or capacitors.It turns out that the back of my light is an on/off switch! It's just touch operated. Touch the plastic and it switches! Weird. Amazing. Anoying when you don't know because it seems broken. It switches on and off when you touch it. When you know how it works: Useful.3 LEDs take 0.14 amps at 5V. I disabled one LED. Now it uses only 0.09 amps, it stays cooler and it's better for reading - it's not so silly bright anymore.
    Like. I like the on/off switch, now I know about it.
  • Surprising quality

    posted by Jessssuhh

    Camera is surprisingly sharp. If you spend the time to position is and focus it, the picture is quite nice. The shattered LED affect is also quite nice, it doesn't cast a bright enough light to illuminate your face but it also doesn't interfere with the picture you're trying to capture. The cable is sturdy and decently long (about a bit over a metre and a half, I would guess?), and has an inline control for the lights on the front (on off, not colour control).
    The clip is quite sturdy, and is able to grasp quite a thick edge (about two inches), and there is limited pitch and yaw rotation. It also seems to have trouble in darkness; oddly isolating the face in black, so a lamp would come in handy. It would also be nice if you could specify a particular colour for the LEDs in the front, but it's not vital.
    I would buy this camera if you want a cheap quality camera with adjustable focus. It's the kind of quality I would be comfortable filming vlogs for youtube. Don't buy it if the microphone is a necessity.
  • Webcam with good image quality

    posted by AntonH

    Correction of a review i wrote yesterday.Webcam with a REAL image resolution of 352x288 pixels. Much better than most webcams who are only half of this resolution. The image quality is good, build-in microphone is rather sensitive. Camera has 4 individual color changing leds. The webcam has a nicely working ball-head for easy mounting and pointing at a subject.
    The leds have only 2 leads. The color changing is inside the led itself. The cord regulator only changes the voltage on the leds. So, for someone who can handle a soldering iron, the leds are easy replacable with white or in my case with infrared leds. The Infrared filter of the webcam is on the lens itself, so the webcam is easely converted to a infrared cam.
    I really HATE HATE HATE all those lies you see at the specs of webcams. Not a fault of DX i guess, but you see it with all brands and all shops. There is only 1 way to find out the real specs, and that is by buying the webcam. I have been looking a long time for a program to find the real image resolution, and finally found that it can be found by a program i already use for a long time, VLC-media player. I write this rather large review to inform other buyers. And my search for an affordable 640x480 webcam continues.

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