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Every single usb network antenna displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. usb network wifi or usb network rj45 may offer more options for you. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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usb network antenna Customers Reviews

  • Great wifi adapter for its price

    posted by mazupan

    It connects to very far access points my laptop won't even detect. Those wifi networks that had on my laptop only "fair" signal are now labeled as "excellent" with this adapter.Drivers not needed on win7, but installing them would help in fine tuning - especially for making transmiter more powerfull.
    It would be nice if the adapter supported 802.11 n.
    Very useful tool for all those who need to stay connected.
  • Best choice, excelent price

    posted by Faddey

    Legendary device for the best price. No complaints, works as expected
    Supplied complete: drivers, a pocket with a suction cup, USB cable
    Best recommendationsThe USB 2.0 Wi-Fi wireless network adapter provides optimal range, performance, and best overall value for wireless USB adaptors. With a high gain external antenna, you get unmatched transmission range, sensitivity, and speed compared to wireless. It is ideal for better antenna position to reduce interference and obstacle.
  • Excellent

    posted by tenpou

    One of the best WiFi adapters I owned. Due to difficult access conditions (~10m, several walls to AP) I went through a lot of them, and this one works great.The chipset is indeed Realtek 8191SU, very stable performance. Completely plug-n-play under Linux.The connection Bit Rate is constantly 150 Mbps, never drops. Can get to 300Mbps if the AP supports it.Cheaper than similar USB dongles on the site. (It doesn't need an external antenna to get great signal)Gets warm, but doesn't overheat. Build quality is good.
    It's slightly bigger than mini-adapters out there, but it's worth it, since it doesn't overheat. It's not distractingly big.
    I had a thumbnail-sized dongle with Ralink RT5370 before, and in the same conditions with the same AP it was flaky like hell, speeds 6Mbps-72Mbps, d/cs, etc.This one works perfectly @150Mbps.Important note: To get the adapter to work @ 300Mbps your access point should be set up with Channel Width = 40MHz. Normally, it's not done since there's a lot of interference on wider channels. With (common setting) 20MHz you'll get 150Mbps max.
  • Perfect

    posted by NOKIANOR

    Well, easy install, the cd included has the driver needed. The build quality is very good, signals are very good. It is small, so it is not in the way be it laptop or desktop computer or otherwise. easy to use.
    I have already ordered several of these to use on my other computers and to give to my friends. This product is cheap as dirt, and really does the job it is supposed to do :)
    Just order it already, you will not be disappointed. It works like a charm, nothing negative to say about it, it is cheap, and it works really good :) So go for it and order it. I will order even more of these in the future. No question about that, it is practically free. Go buy! ;)
  • very good product

    posted by cyrus2

    the signal strength and stability has greatly improved from 2 to 5 bars, the product is good quality build and it does the job .I liked it because i can put it on the table ,and the cable is long so it can be moved easily. Comfast has made a very good product. Win xp has recoqnized it without drivers
    I will recommend this for anyone who wants dongle with antenna , which can be replaced with larger one for even better reception
    i am pleased with my purchase

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