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usb mp3 stereo

The perfect usb mp3 stereo here to meet all your needs. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. You can also browse mp3 usb in and mp3 micro usb. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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usb mp3 stereo Customers Reviews

  • Excellent and nice Amplifier

    posted by miertcsak

    It is simple, small, and useful for a variety of inputs. Reasonable sound quality for a cheap product. Very nice look, good combination of aluminum blue case, front and back plate are silver. Easy setup and user-friendly interface.
    Considering its price, it is worth buying if you are in need of an amplifier and do not require a real hi-fi sound quality.
    Definitely worth the price.
  • my review

    posted by dxshopper02

    its light weight, easy to use, and compact, it hase plenty of volume. for my project mounting is perfect. it WORKS with my ipod! awsome. the remote works, everything works as it should. the casing is thin but has its advantages like cooling, this product could use a fuse, could be used on a boat, or just as a simple desk radio, im not sure what type of speaker should be used, 4/8ohm i think im using 16ohm
    would be interesting if DX made a pair of speakers for this product, what would thay use
    great for the price, im satisfied
  • Great Headphones for the price

    posted by leighton

    Easy to set up and solid build, sound is pretty good with decent volume
    the only cable supplied is the charging usb cable,I would have like a phono cable so i could hook up the headphones to non wireless devices but you can buy them here for a few dolllars so its not a big deal.
    I would reccomend as they are pretty good wireless headphones and where else would you get wireless headphones for such a low price.
  • Excelent Product!!

    posted by israellara

    I was looking for a Walkman, and this product was perfect!!. 80's are back!!- Great Price. A Walkman cost more than $45 dlls, if you can find one!! This is just $24, and it's great. Fast delivery to Mexico.- Looks nice. Is well designed, good materials, it do not fells cheap.- Great finish. Nice chromed look.- Baterry Life is good. Plays two rounds of a cassette with cheap batteries. Buy some expensive, and maybe you have 6 or 7 rounds.- Excelent sound recording. You do not loose any sound quality, records in stereo, very nice quality.- Easy to install software. Plug & Play. Not a problem.- MP3 all your tapes. I got a lot of mix tapes cassettes, now i got it on mp3!!Works like a charm!! You should buy it!!
    Wanna retro look? Buy it. It works as walkman, you can take it with you as a Walkman, not only as a recording device.
    If you're looking for a Walkman, this is it.
  • It is waterproof, and it works.

    posted by danielingolfsso

    This player deserves the hole 9 yards, 5 stars. Works in the pool, shower, sweat or basically everything that's wet.
    Would have been perfect to have straps so you could keep the player on your arm instead around your neck which feels bit weird.

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