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On this page, you can find a wide selection of usb mp3 fm. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. Find more popular products from usb mp3 speaker, mp3 usb adapter. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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usb mp3 fm Customers Reviews

  • A great present

    posted by fpires

    * The LCD keeps on all the time (my wife likes this way)* Great sound, both in quality and volume. * The remote control its incredibly light.* The FM receiver is very sensible, I use it without extend the antenna.* The packaging is good, and protects the product in transport.
    It have a audio in connector, but with all the connections it have (SD, USB, etc) I think that would be more usefull a phone jack.
    Altought some cons, I think it is a great product, and worths the buy, If you understand what you're buying.
  • good product for the money

    posted by danielpcuneo

    Good, solid MP3 player. For the price, I have no complaints.
    Has random play function. Also serves as a audio recorder ( I have not used this function) and receives FM stations.
    Would buy again, works as advertised. This is a handy little player.
  • singbox sv927

    posted by cheelout

    1. great sound - unexpected pure bass2. the minimal distortion of sound are observed only at the maximum sound level3. flashlight is really bright4. when press pause and switch off while mp3 track playing - after switching on that track plays from the place it was paused5. fm tuner has very good sensitivity and when when the frequency starts weakening, the receiver removes the noise and interference from the audio path to improve readability6. after frequency searching could remember more than 35 stations in memory7. could be used as card reader via usb with high speed transmission of the files8. could be used as external sound card for pc\laptop when connect item through the mini-usb port (tested on win 7 ultimate 64 bit)9. excellent working as aux-in amplifier10. very smooth volume control (looks like it has some electronic control - not only analog rotary)11. good sound through earphones 12. rubber passive driver makes great bass
    some more pros:13. very smooth working wheel of tuning - also with some electronic circuit, 3 colors led which indicates charging level when it plugged in.14. memory cards could be read through simple usb card-reader, connected to the usb port on the item. tested with inserted in card-reader memory stick, Olympus xd-card, micro sd.
    amazing item for such price. there was no any regrets from the date of purchase till today. did not find any cons, use it little less than 1 year. i will buy again this item for my friends.
  • Bad pen, good recorder

    posted by paul0909

    0. Good recording quality. I must define - good comparing to chinese voice recorders. Specific brand voice recorders have much better sensivity. But it's not fare to compare this "pen" to them.1. Pretty small if pen-part separated.2. Good price!
    Under winXP was ok and showed FA32 filesystem. Win7 said it has errors and corrected it after which it started showing FAT16. Strange.My one has 2Gb (true!) memory though there was "1 GB" memory label on it.You'll have to get used to it's indicator's states. But there's always such a problem with devices which don't have a screen, so it's not a con.
    For me it's rather useful to have such device in the car. Additional pen and additional voice recorder sometimes may be very useful.
  • Set Up Instructions for English

    posted by krs99

    Great product.
    I already reviewed the silver coloured one so I won't go into the same details again.
    Instructions are in English but the unit defaut language is Chinese.
    Took me a long time for the first one to set the default language to English - instructions to do that should come with the unit.
    But since they don't, here is the way to do this painlessly:
    Turn on the unit with the little switch in the back.
    Both of the ones I received had about half the charge left on the battery, so you don't really have to charge it at this time.
    Wait for the clock to display, then follow these steps:
    Push menu button once
    Push right (>>) button 3 times
    Push menu button once
    Push right (>>) button twice
    Push menu button once
    Push right (>>) button once
    Push menu button once more
    The display should now be in English.
    Once set, it remembers the language even if you turn the unit off.
    Only MP# Speaker like that I found which will
    a. Allow one to chose the song to be played from a playlist, and
    b. Repeat playing that sond indefinitely if required (Une can also play all the songs in the playlist and can then repeat playing that list indefinitely, and
    c. will play with the 5 volt power adapter plugged in. Some units won't play while they are being charged.

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