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usb mouse wireless laser Customers Reviews

  • Excelente mouse, Lindo e ainda e a lazer Lazer

    posted by renatofl

    Mouse simplesmente fantásticoum tamanho padrão não muito pequeno nem grandãoPreto com grafite e os poucos escritos "Rapoo Lazer performance" esta de laranjado ficando bem atraente.Você se acostumara rápido com o designe pois a mão se encaixa perfeitamente em suas curvas, ele tem 6 botoes extras que você pode configura-los do jeito que você quiser, o tornando muito bom para gamers, um destes botoes coloca o mouse em 1600 dbi e 800 dbi. a bateria nem se fala estou usando este mouse a 8 dias o computador fica 12 horas por dia ligado, e já esqueci 4 noites o ouse ligado:) ate agora a bateria esta ótima não acabou, estou impressionado com tudo neste mouse. com certeza vale mais do que 28 USD,http://translate.google.com.br/Mouse just amazing a standard size not too small or big one Black with graphite and the few writings " Rapoo performance lazer" this orange juice becoming very attractive. You quickly become accustomed to designate as your hand fits perfectly on your curves, it has 6 extra buttons that you can configure them the way you want, making it great for gamers, one of these buttons puts the mouse in 1600 dbi and 800 dbi. the battery not to mention I am using this mouse for 8 days the computer is connected 12 hours a day, and has forgotten the dare on four nights:) So far the battery is not just great, I'm impressed with everything about this mouse. surely worth more than 28 USD,
    o meu maior medo de comprar mouse sem fio era a bateria mas este me surpreendeu, o mouse ta em funcionamento a 150 horas e não acabou ainda, :)você pode configurar os botoes extras para jogar Call of Duty, ou outros jogoshttp://translate.google.com.br/my biggest fear of buying a wireless mouse was the battery but this surprised me, the mouse ta operating at 150 hours and not finished yet:) you can configure the extra buttons to play Call of Duty, or other games ...
  • Perfect Simple Rechargeable Wireless Mouse

    posted by dimitrisgno

    It is a perfect Optical Mouse, it is useful, it is easy to use, it has great quality, it is like the description, it works excellent. When the power runs out you simple recharge it with the USB cable for about 5-6 hours and it functions for a long time. It has On/Off button. When you don't move it, it turns off alone without turning the button (so it don't waste the power) and when you move it again it turns on at once. It has blue and red (when charging) led light below. The battery is very good, it is like the cell phones batteries (maybe some cell phones have the same).
    I was looking for something like that, I was searching for a long time for a Mouse that could have a rechargeable battery and it could recharge with a USB cable, exactly like this one. It is Perfect. I am very pleased.
    Perfect Wireless Rechargeable Optical Mouse, it works wireless great simply by recharging the battery after a long time with a micro USB cable.
  • Perfect

    posted by fcosti

    Has the right weight, the right size and useful buttons. Allows you to customize button functions. Good sensitivity and response. Well built and seems to follow high quality standards. Receiver is really small (5mm protrusion from USB port).
    Quite expensive, but worth the money. Way better than the $10 to $20 price range mice. And 5 GHz means low chance of interference, which my 2.4 GHz mouse suffers from.
    I you are looking for more than just a temp replacement mouse, get this one.
  • Very Good Mouse

    posted by Korbeen

    Good Grip;Looks Sturdy;Nice Size And Weight;Back And Forward Buttons;One Extra Button in the corner of the left button;Have the tilt function on the scroll button (It goes up/down and left/right as well);Nice DPI;DPI selector button is very useful so you can use the higher dpi on some game and the lower on desktop (i just use the higher anyways lol)Slides very well;Came in a very nice package;Came with a CD that contain it's driver and a pouch, nice pouch but it doesn't last very long.
    A very good mouse for office work, and an ok mouse for gaming.
    +Good Grip/Size/Weight/Feel;+Slides well;+Good extra buttons/functions (back/forward browsing buttons, Extra Window Function and Scroll Tilt);+Good DPI;+Good nice looking package;-Need a driver for some functions (included, basic use doesn't need the driver anyway)-Pouch don`t last long;-Glossy Finish.
  • Very nice and good quality mause

    posted by Arunasar

    Very useful thing, which do not require any wiring. Mouse is connected for the first time there is nothing to install everything at once is great.
    I am 100% satisfied with your purchase. The kit is loading cable, so you do not have to buy anything extra nowhere. It look like iphone Mouse, really easy to use, and I am satisfied with the response time.
    Charging connector would be less visible. but better to think about it while charging does not affect the use of the device.


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