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usb module board Customers Reviews

  • Very nice device

    posted by Lecsi

    I bought this device to flash routers. The build quality is nice. It works with windows 7 64bits with windows own driver. Dont need to download drivers. It uses a prolific driver. It also has LEDs that indicates data transfer.
    Bought it to flash routers and it works really fine. I also use it with any device that has serial interface. I did something wrong and the chip become very very hot. Nothing happened to it. I think its a good quality product.
    I wonder why it has this vcc pin.
  • Useful for debugging and DIY purposes

    posted by clemvangelis

    Really useful for debugging purpose. I have already one for 2 months and until now, there is no cons. It works well under Linux and the package is well soldered. There is a protective plastic which wraps the full circuitry and avoid scratching it. It works well at 115200bps and could probably be used to debug and connect to a lot of embedded devices (router, photo frame...)
    For this price, it's a good product for DIY purposes
    Really nice USB-to-TTL adapter
  • Very useful Serial Adapter

    posted by cobra09

    This XBee Serial Adapter is a great product. The quality of the PCB and soldering can't be faulted, and it works just fine.
    I bought it to make a microcontroller communicate through XBee. This adapter is designed to interface Serial through USB OR XBee through USB, but not XBee through Serial which is what I had wanted. There is an easy fix, by swapping the Rx and Tx pins on the Serial Pins, the adapter flawlessly communicates from Serial to XBee.
    I would definitely recommend this to anybody wanting to interface between two of the three connections on this adapter, I am even considering buying more myself!
  • Good product

    posted by albertillo91

    Very good product, it works fine. It has bluetooth, line in, usb, sd, fm. In my opinion very good product. It works perfectly on my car, with an aplifier sounds very well. The sound is stereo. The small size makes it easy to mount anywhere.
    Dx could sell also the connectors to make easier the installation.The connectors are written on the board, but DX have uploaded a pair of photos where you can check it.
  • Turns any Arduino into an ADK

    posted by Simonetti2010

    This USB host shield is exactly like the Italian (official) USB shield, and can effectively turn any Arduino (UNO, duemilanuove, Severino and Mega) into an ADK, offering USB host capabilities to your arduino project. It is very well built, leaving nothing to desire when compared to the more expensive Italian products. It works flawlessly with the stock Arduino USB libraries, and any project meant for the ADK will work with this shield. The ADK examples that come with Arduino 1.0.1 work with this shield.
    I also posted a picture of my shield, where I made a very important modification to it: I changed the original ICSP headers to stackable headers, so I can use this with other ICSP shields, in a real stack. This modification required some soldering skill, but isn't hard at all.I used mine with 4 different arduinos:- UNO Rev. 3- Mega 2560 R2- Mega 256 R3- homemade Severino
    It is a very good addition to any arduino collection. It broadens quite a bit the possibilities of the project.


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