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usb module board Customers Reviews

  • Very useful Serial Adapter

    posted by cobra09

    This XBee Serial Adapter is a great product. The quality of the PCB and soldering can't be faulted, and it works just fine.
    I bought it to make a microcontroller communicate through XBee. This adapter is designed to interface Serial through USB OR XBee through USB, but not XBee through Serial which is what I had wanted. There is an easy fix, by swapping the Rx and Tx pins on the Serial Pins, the adapter flawlessly communicates from Serial to XBee.
    I would definitely recommend this to anybody wanting to interface between two of the three connections on this adapter, I am even considering buying more myself!
  • Works

    posted by robinstapelbroek

    - Works under windows 7- Good solid chip- 3v3 and 5v- Wires included- Tryed on multiple baudrates all worked- pcb good quality- pcb has a usefull silkscreenmask so you don't have to look on the internet for the pinning- Drivers from windows (7) update so no "custom" drivers needed.
    Plug and play
    easy to use with multiple microcontrollers or other rs232 ttl chips. No logic converters needed any more.
  • Max

    posted by djkosmos1998

    This is the most aamassing amplifier i have purchased so far from DX ! Its not the most powerful, but its so Tiny ! The output you can achive from this far exceeds expectation ! The sound quality is fantastic, low and high level, and a very low noise floor for a digital amp that has no output filter, i will be purchasing more !
    If you need a tiny high performance amp with mini subwoofer, look no further .
    Great product, very pleased to acquire.
  • Excellent device, excellent price.

    posted by jgyprime

    Very small device for it's capabilitiesIt can play without problems mp3 audio files from usb devices and sd cards (did not test mmc card because i don't have one). Input/output ports are labeled correctly (left, right, ground)Power port is labeled (power and ground).Working voltages: it started working on approximately 5 Volts, tested it up to 30 V (I let it play for 1 hour on 30 V supply) and no problems (no heating, no audio issues), thanks to 7805 power regulator.Even if it came without wires to connect it, I soldered the wires directly to the PCB (removed the plugs).Bluetooth playback is excellent, it played audio from a phone located ~5 meters away, without problemsRadio tuner works great but only if you solder a wire to the ant pin (any wire can act as an antenna)Line in is also without problemsRemote controller works great.
    It would have been nice if it rememberes the last used input device. For the moment it starts from usb / sd.I powered it off from radio / bluetooth and on the next power on it started from usb / sd.Also, it would have been nice if the device remembered the last state before power loss. Mine poweres on by itself when receiving power, even if it was off the last time it started.
    Very good device to use in car / home.A set of home speakers can be adapted to work with this device.Also you can connect this device to the aux-in port of the built-in audio system of your car if you don't want to change it or if the audio system controls other functions of the car (like the board computer)
  • Excellent!

    posted by RodLophus

    Solid assembly: the USB connector is properly soldered in place and the whole board is revested by a transparent shrink tube! Uses a decent USB x Serial converter (Profilic PL-2303HX), which has built-in 5V-to-3V regulator. The module has both %v and 3.3V output (although I think the 3.3V output is able to source only a few mA). Has very good LED indicators (a bright red one for power and two green for TX and RX). The drivers was installed automatcally by Windows (Seven, x64)
    Could use a little plastic case instead of the transparent shringk tube, but it´s ok.
    Very usefull and cheap gadget! It´s a must for everyone involved on microcontrollers and embedded electroncis!

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