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usb mini usb Customers Reviews

  • Great and fast player with simple and nice menu

    posted by Podloga

    Plays all formats, fast response, good image quality, excellent graphics and simple minimalistic vertical menu!
    Sensitivity of the remote control is weak, but can be well improved by makeing a larger hole in the casing behind red glass near led. The reason for poor reception the remote is a to tiny hole through the IR sensor sees the remote. Foolish factory defect.Player died for no reason one day when switching on.
    Buy the same again.
  • It works as intended and flawlessly!

    posted by viesty

    + The item is extremely easy to use, just push in the card, plug the reader in and it takes care of the rest+ It feels sturdy in my hands+ The speed is rather good+ 4 ports for different cards, so you do not have to use an adapter.
    In my opinion this is the best way to read memory cards on the go, because the USB stick is really small and handy - just put it in your pocket and you are ready to go! No hassle with adapters for microsd and sd cards.
    Overall I would definitely recommend this product because of the ease of use (not taking into account the insignificant flaws mentioned). A great mobile way to read memory cards!
  • could be more useful

    posted by olqminn

    - long enough (70 cm length)- won't break up so easily- black colour
    it's useful for recharging cell phones, playstation 3 joypads and so on. but if you have to count on transferring data, i won't recommend you this cable
    i don't advise you buying this cable. there should be much more suitable for the same price or little bit higher
  • Great standalone, flexible GPS logger

    posted by MasterTactician

    You can decide how you want to supply power. I used 4 800mah eneloops in a usb power pack and the runtime was just over 16 hours, a draw of roughly 50ma at 5v, or 250mW. With 4 AA 2000mah eneloops, the time should scale up to almost 2 days. Logging once per second, there is enough memory for 27h46m (100,000 points). Up that to twice per minute, and it'll log for a month. You can also set it up to only log over a certain speed, or after a minimum change in distance from the last point.I have gotten a lock in <60s every time I've used it so far.
    The software on the CD is outdated and google maps is broken. See the link in the comments for a new version that fixes this.
    A great buy. Cant wait to try it out on my RC plane, or mail it to a friend and see if I can track the mailman :p
  • Good

    posted by mikesmichael

    - Very low price- Works for every kind of Android phone and more- The longer of the cable is perfect
    Dilemma if it's a good item or just very cheap. I get a bad one but maybe I was just unlucky
    If you are lucky maybe you will have a good one but in my case, this item broke very quickly and I finally buy a new one for 6$ at my electronic store, so if this one broke, I will be able to exchange it quickly.

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