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usb microscope Customers Reviews

  • Great microscope, poor tripod.

    posted by KreAture

    The built in illumination is very usefull.
    The supplied snapshot software works well and keeps track of the snapshots.
    Two zoom-levels work well and the focal range is good. There is also a slip-ring inside making the focus stay in place when not twisted so it won't accidentally be changed.
    With a tad better tripod, and a faster reaction to the snapshot button I'd give this product full marks!
    If you need a good usb microscope this is a good choice. Just don't expect the tripod to be worth much.
  • Very nice toy

    posted by DaDave

    It is a very nice toy to look at hundreds of different things.Works fine.Light can be adjusted.Build quality pretty good; nice software too.The standard software has a very cool feature where you can measure the size of photographed items.Tested it with XP and Windows 7
    Makes you rethink about razorblades.Very good for viewing very small items, but not a real microscope. (won't see any bacteria)
    Buy one if you are curious what tiny things look like for real.
  • Great instrument for a very reasonable price

    posted by chffelix

    This microscope is a very easy to use tool. Just plug it in USB and you're ready for viewing. It has very handy light and focus adjustments, making it really quick to view anything.The fact it is handheld and displays the image on a computer screen makes is a big plus over traditional optical microscopes, where you have to stay curved over the target sample.The unit comes with a plastic ruler for calibrating the size of the viewed objects and the software for windows which comes with it allows you to measure the ruler and set a scale for pixes x mm, so you are able to measure the real size of the viewed objects at a given focus.It is TOTALLY LINUX COMPATIBLE (this is a BIG plus for me!). To use it under Linux just use the UVC webcam driver.
    Great for anything from hobby to professional observations of small stuff.
    Great tool for a very good price!
  • Finicky

    posted by wimoyster

    It really does a great job with magnifying and is mostly easy to use. Great for looking for really small plant pests or anything else that would be too small to see with a magnifying glass. Watching things on a monitor makes the subject very easy to see.
    -great for looking/watching the micro world-software needs an update for Windows 7-I would like to be able to take pictures; only able to do so a couple of times=finicky-loose wire=finicky
    Not bad if you just want to use as a microscope only.
  • Works, cheap, fun

    posted by gjbloom

    It's cheap and it works straight out of the box. The free-standing form makes it possible to peer into places you couldn't get a traditional bench-top microscope. The built-in LED illumination is very convenient.
    I compared the magnification and resolution I get using this microscope against what is possible using the macro zoom of my Panasonic Lumix TS2 camera. The macro zoom of the TS2 provides almost the same magnification, at much better resolution and color. Of course, it costs about 10x as much as this USB microscope. And you can't stick it in your mouth to get pictures of your fillings like you can with the microscope.
    Fun toy that might come in handy some time. You might as well get one.

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