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Welcome to our usb male online shop. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. usb male data or usb male car may offer more options for you. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.
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usb male Customers Reviews

  • Works great

    posted by MaFasseur

    Iam using it for my duracell portable charger for my phone and does it really good. it does not feel fragile or anything. The price is really nice so its a really good deal.I dont see any difference between the originalcable from my charger and this cable. But the original cable uses a microusb to usb converter which is pretty annoying.I need the micro usb for my phone and the mini usb to charge the charger. .
    The price is good and it works fine
    It's a really good deal and if you also own a portable charger this cable is really a must have because you do not have the worry about the extra "original" converter
  • Great Quality

    posted by LocoManLegend

    The build quality is very goodI think it will last long !No noise, it doesn't move when it's plugged.It fits in the USB and µUSB port ;)The nylon style is pretty nice but I expected that the cable will be more flexible.
    The light is not too bright and not too weak.You can see the blue light at day.
    The light is a beautiful effect, be sure this will appeal to the "public".As always or almost always, the price could be a little smaller.
  • Works great

    posted by Orky86

    - It works.- Good build quality.
    I ordered this as a backup cable. I am currently using a Macbook Pro with only USB2.0, so I havn't been able to test it's performance with USB3.0 speeds.I use it with my XQD-card reader for the XQD cards from my Nikon D4 and all the files transfer as with the original Sony cable. I have also used it to connect my Nikon D800 directly to my computer, as well as to the Nikon WT-4 wireless transmitter. Works flawlessly. The short lenght is a real bonus to me, I hate having long cables cluttering up my workspace.
    Just buy it. If you need a replacement or a backup, there is no point in thinking twice. It works just as well as you would expect.
  • USB extension cable

    posted by rvab56

    The standard cables appear to be often too short especially for printers or tablets when you want to use them when charging : so it is more comfortable to sit in a chair thant to stand close to the usb port
    perhaps would it be possible to choose the colour in the future grey or white for example
    I bought two of them in case you want to extend your usb cable (for example USB soun output)
  • Great little things

    posted by Gulfstream

    Good for those hard-to-reach USB spots, where the cord can't safely fit without bending too much. Includes adapters for both ways, in case you need to go up or down (or both!). Solid, good fit in other devices, looks sleek as well.
    Definitely a good purchase, I'm using both with my Rasperry Pi.
    A quirky product you may desperately need one day.

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