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The perfect usb male to mini usb 5 pin male here to meet all your needs. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

usb male to mini usb 5 pin male Customers Reviews

  • Great product

    posted by DoYou

    Really small.Doesn't have an outsticking mini USB plug, which decreases the chance for it to break.Nice enough design.
    I like the item, and the general idea behind it. Everyone should have one of these, just in case.
    Really useful item. I had great need for it, but as pointed out before, it would be smart to just add it to the basket "just in case". You never know when you might need one of these.You might consider "sku.28991" with it, so you'll have it both ways :)
  • Perfect Y-cable for 2"5 HDD enclosures

    posted by KameSense

    Sturdy Y-cable that gives enough power to any 2"5 HDD enclosure.Can be used as a standard cable if the second USB plug isn't used.Other use I found is with a miniUSB to microUSB, to power my Raspberry Pi with a powered USB hub.After more than 1 month of use, the cable doesn't show any weakness.
    I like the translucent silver color, it's nicer than the usual black
    It works, it's sturdy and it's color is nice
  • Nice for USB-Boards

    posted by yotie

    Perfect for Tiny USB dev-boards!
    Its just a tiny connector... so what else to say... the male connectors fit tightly in female connectors .. checked all pins connectivity, everything is fine
    would be nice if available in black too!
    Bought it for My Micropendous board. no regret!
    For -tiny- devices like that with Mini-USB connectors, it's a must have
  • Mini USB 5-Pin Male to USB A-Female Adapter

    posted by limby

    I bought this for my nokia internet n800 tablet. With this I can plug a flash drive or a keyboard on my n800. Build looks good and I think its sturdy enough for everyday use.
    I cannot find something like this locally ( im from the philippines) so DX really helped my on this. Now my n800 can have a keyboard making it more productive.
    Dont hesitate to buy this if you have a n800. This will surely help you.
  • At last, all in one !

    posted by Chromatik

    One of the most convenient device in my eveyday workbox: how many time you need a micro_usb cable to charge/sync your smartphone, you need a mini_usb cable now, so you have to unplug the first cable (because you're running low on usb ports), then it is hanging on your laptop and it bothers you...... forget it!The length of the cable is about 80 centimeters, 5 EFFECTIVE contacts, so you can really charge, and transfer data.
    The manual is embedded (a sticker on the winding plastic structure): "pull from each end" "not from the middle":D
    Buy it !

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