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usb led cool Customers Reviews

  • Very goof fan and flashlight

    posted by ektorbarajas

    - It works as expected- The fan generates a good and decent air- the leds emit a decent light, it can be used as a basic flashlight- The quality of the materials is good
    Definitely DX has great products for great price, but they need to pay special attention to those shipping issues, at least for item shipped to Mexico, don't know if this issue is present with other countries.
    - Functional fan & flashlight- Also a great toy for a fan collector
  • Nifty little gadget - WORKS!

    posted by Kiet84

    - the goose neck is rigid and stiff. it stays in place when you position the adapter head
    - good solid connection between the adapter head and the light and fan. once you insert the light or fan into the adapter head, it stays there, and requires a bit of force to pull it out. this is good as it won't become loose
    - fan blades are soft flexible plastic paper, lightweight
    - light is actually very bright when close. and can offer some amount of lighting when far.
    - nothing is broken, seems to be made from good quality plastic and metal
    - nice shiny silver colour
    - the USB connector should have been the same silver colour or black. the white plastic makes it look cheap.
    - I dont know how long the light will last. maybe after prolonged use (5+years?) it will be dim. then you should replace the bulb, but you can't really take it apart.
    - the gooseneck will probably become less rigid after prolonged use, but that's normal with goose necks.
    just buy it again if it becomes broken or loose or the light is dim. it's so cheap compared to other USB notebook lights. and plus it's a combo with exchangeable heads, so you don't need to lug around a giant piece of light and fan combo. compact so you can carry it around.
  • Great way to stay cool!

    posted by FragFrog

    - A helpfull little fan that will keep you nicely cool.
    - Simply plug into any USB slot and it works, couldn't be simpeler!
    - Adjustable metallic cable makes sure you can easily point it at wherever you want.
    - Alternatively a light point, quite bright, more than enough to read by.
    The connection between the cord and light / fan appears to be a standard 3.5mm jack plug. Anyone handy with electronics can easily adapt them to run on an independent powersource (such as a battery).
    Windows Vista does not appear to even notice a device is plugged in, nor am I getting any warnings.
    Not as amazingly cheap as most other products here, nonetheless a great buy. Components have mostly metal casings and feel sturdy and reliable. A very versatile product capable of being placed anywhere and be used as light or fan.
  • Good Product

    posted by guhendrigo

    Good product and beautiful and makes a good wind. The Led is blue. Good for hot days.Powered by USB port on you computer. Flexible power cord allows the fan to be positioned in any direction.Soft blades.Low noise and low power consumption.
    If LED light starts fading, carefully removed fan head from rotate prin and wipe inside area clean a soft dry tissue. Carefully replace fan head on rotater pin.
    Took more than a month to arrive, but they packed and well protected.
  • Useful Desktop Light - Special with Fan

    posted by dimitrisgno

    Nice color. Excellent, very useful Desktop Light. It has an enough flexible neck, also it can be used with a USB to AC adapter. It has a Fan that makes it special and very 2 in 1 useful. I am very pleased.
    I was searching for one like that without batteries that you can connect with the power (because with the batteries the light gets low after a little time and they need to change always). Especialy this one has a fan with it, it is 2 in 1 useful desktop item, also the black color is very nice and I like it.
    Excellent black color Desktop LED Light with a Fan in it, in relatively good price, it functions with cable in power.

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