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usb led black

The usb led black your looking for is one of our top sellers. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. Customers who purchased usb led black also viewed led usb desktop, usb led color. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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usb led black Customers Reviews

  • works great, not any big issues

    posted by speedfreak1o1

    Makes a video or pix of inside stuff, comes with a nice metalbox.no driver needed as uses def vfw.adjustable led light, only usable in areas that are not black, a bit close focus as shuld.
    Pity its wormsigned.Make hughe sized videos.easy to edit video, not any crappy mov stuff.
    use on a live cd system, so it dont messup windows.used it on high pressure cleaner for pipecleaning, works good.low quality is cus of cd contents, the cam seems ok this far.
  • It's fun to play with!

    posted by proque007

    Well this is a fun item to have. You can slide it behind a heavy piece of furniture or under the fridge to look for lost things.. I think you will find lots of place around the house to explore.
    Fun and interesting but not always useful.
    Get if for fun. If you need to do careful inspections of pipes and such, maybe you should consider a better option.
  • Very good deal

    posted by southwind

    It's a small player/speaker, so you can use it everywhere!
    It reads from SD cards, USB and has line in, so you can use, for example, your mp3 player to play through the speaker. It can play the radio too.
    Good price.
    I like the player/speaker very much. I have different SD cards: one with party songs for the kids, another one for sleepy time, another with music I like, and so on.
    Use it when you are having a shower, cooking, to help the kids getting sleepy, etc.
    It's a very good deal.
  • Very Good!!!!

    posted by maurocampo18

    I can keep track of the temperature of my fish easier and I'm seeing all the time, and read from afar.The plug is very comfortable!!!
    The range of measurement is very accurate, in just half a degree change with conventional thermometer.
    I love it!!!!!!!Far the best buy so far on DX.I feel more confident to control the temperature of my fish, and I see it all the time.Would buy many more without hesitation.I recommend ... Comes very well packed and protected.Thanks DX
  • Awesomeness

    posted by sabmotocross

    The keyboard and backlit red LED keys are sweet. The board struts are sturdy and the USB cable is plenty long! The keystroke action is crisp! The design is not gaudy like a lot of gaming devices. I would not be hesitant to use this in an office environment.
    I should order more of these! Most everyone that tries this keyboard comments on the quality of design and assembly. This will be my automatic choice when building any more systems!
    If you haven't tried a backlit keyboard, this is the one you should experience!

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