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usb laser pointer Customers Reviews

  • Great combination of Presenter and mouse

    posted by asdasign

    Works right out of the box, without installing any drivers. Tested of Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux. 2 mode button function, increasing its productability during presentations, where one may want to switch between presentations. High powered laser beam.
    If not let to drop on the ground, it should be OK.
    Great product for anyone involved in presentations, enabling the use of PC from a distance. Highly recommended!
  • Good Product

    posted by artpop

    Works fine, and you can't tell it's not made for the US market. Very nifty how the transmitter fits into the actual unit, so it's compact when not in use.Also a huge positive is the use of a AAA battery instead of those expensive to replace batteries most of the other presenters use.All plastic parts meet together without gaps. Doesn't look cheap.
    Worth the purchase. Will have to see how long it lasts, but in the 1st week of ownership, I have nothing but praises for it.
  • Works good

    posted by TheCweTTo

    Works perfectly without installing any drivers to computer. You have to plug in dongle and it starts working (tested on Windows XP). Laser is quite strong and visible up to 20 meters.
    Very good tool for presentations. Page Up and Page Down keys are enough.
    It is useful gadget and valuable buy. Very easy to use. Until now no mayor disadvantages found.
  • Very Good

    posted by volat

    It's very easy to use, just plug and play.I've been testing it on Ubuntu 10.10, windows 7 and windows Xp, and I haven't had to install any software or drivers to use it.It works in a distance around fifteen meters.It works from the next room behind a wall, it's good if you haver your pc in the other room.
    I don't know how long the battery is alive but I've been working 4 hours and It still works
    It's a very good option to use with a remote pc connected to a TV or in a presentation.
  • Works great

    posted by garrettw87

    Works as expected. Plug and play, no drivers to install. Good range. PowerPoint hotkeys, mouse movement, and laser pointer all in one. Long battery life. USB receiver can plug into bottom of hand unit for storage, and it's the same shape so it looks like just a longer remote.
    Most people will expect the up arrow to be the next-slide button, but it's the down arrow. This is because in presenter mode, the arrow buttons correspond to Page Up and Page Down -- and in PowerPoint, Page Up goes to the next slide and Page Down goes to the previous.Also, in mouse mode, I always want to push the center button (for the laser pointer) for a mouse click. The ESC button is not in a very natural location for a mouse click button, so it takes effort to remember that. It also slows down your mouse usage, since you have to move your thumb farther to get to the button after moving the mouse using the arrows.
    I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one at this price, since it does what it's supposed to quite reliably, and it includes mouse features where other cheap ones usually don't. Awesome deal.

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